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  1. It was a well put together interview. Faculty panel, student panel and MMI session. I personally prefer MMI interviews since I feel like I can show off my personality more.
  2. I was offered a seat this morning!! I’m pretty sure my heart stopped!!
  3. So I had the same problem and could not fix it. I’m not sure why but no matter what I did, it looked horrible. I went to CVS to get it done.
  4. No I didn’t receive a confirmation and had no problems receiving/submitting the essay.
  5. I was just offered an interview for this Saturday but had to reschedule for November 14th!
  6. @Manshi I received confirmation within minutes as well.
  7. @Manshi I received a confirmation for interview date. And an email about uploading signed documents for the interview.
  8. I received an interview invite today! I picked Friday September 25th afternoon session.
  9. Oh man.. we were verified/app complete on the same days and I haven’t heard anything. Im jealous that you got some good news!
  10. @catsandscrubs I hope we both hear good news soon! Good luck!
  11. I was marked complete 8/16 and still haven’t heard anything.
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