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  1. @PaPanda89 Join the fb group here: www.facebook.com/groups/391958845589357 lots of good info!
  2. I got into UMB so I am declining my seat at Frostburg. It was a tough choice since Frostburg seems like a great program, but UMB's location makes more sense for me. Hopefully this opens up a spot for someone else!
  3. Based on their response I don't think they noticed until I mentioned it in the email lol. Karen said she would send out a correction on her next email correspondence to everyone
  4. The start date is June 1st 2021. Karen said July was a typo
  5. Yeah she said July 1 was a typo and the actual start date is June 1 2021
  6. Yes I emailed my signed offer letter to Karen on 12/2 and she responded to me. I asked a specific question regarding the start date though in my email so that could be why she responded. I also applied via the link but haven't heard anything about how to pay the seat deposit yet.
  7. True, I guess the day isn't over yet so we'll see!
  8. Nope. Since they said no later than Dec 1, I guess we will be hearing back on Monday.
  9. I live in Maryland and received an invite. Sorry to hear about the rejection!!
  10. I believe they give you 2 weeks to accept or decline your seat.
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