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  1. EMT classes that count for academic credit (aka have letter grades) will count towards your science GPA. EMT classes are a great way to boost your science GPA since their usually a lot of credits. Regardless of whether you're getting a certificate or not at the end of the course, the classes will still count towards your GPA
  2. I attended. I thought it was a bit more informative than the admissions packet. They went into more detail about the curriculum and the different campuses which wasn’t in the packet. They also said that everyone who interviews on 11/13 will be notified about their admissions decision before thanksgiving
  3. Undergrad GPA: 2.90 Post-Bacc GPA: 3.81 (55 credits of community college and online classes) CASPA cGPA: 3.21 CASPA sGPA: 3.31 PCE: 2050 hours (at the time of submission) as a volunteer EMT-B, dermatology medical assistant, and an internal medicine medical assistant HCE: 250 hours Volunteer: 100 hours Shadowing: 80 hrs of MD shadowing. 0 hours of PA shadowing. PA shadowing was canceled due to COVID but I worked very closely with PAs and assisted them on almost a daily basis
  4. I applied on 6/17 and got the application received email on 6/23. The interview is scheduled for 10/29
  5. They do in fact have a PA program https://www.sanjuanbautista.edu/education/programs/pa-program.html
  6. About 5 weeks passed before I got the email inviting me to an interview. Phase II email on 6/22 and interview invite on 7/30
  7. I was accepted but I am declining my seat for another program in my home state with cheaper tuition. Good luck to everyone!
  8. I attended their info session last week and they send they wouldn't be sending out any rejections until all interviews are completed
  9. I don't think there is any rule against making a Facebook group. Earlier in the thread someone mentioned that faculty didn't want to be involved in making the group and that the students usually make one themselves. So if someone wants to make one, go for it!
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