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  1. Oh wow, that’s crazy! I would imagine that they’re still sending them out, although I’m not 100% sure. I think the deadline on mine said to respond by December 28th to confirm the interview, but I’d hope that they would send other invites sooner than that deadline because it doesn’t leave much time to plan to get here.
  2. Based on what I've read from previous years, it should come out in waves.
  3. I received mine on November 16th, but it sounds like not many people have heard back yet.
  4. I definitely agree! I live in east Wichita right now and it's by far the safest I have ever felt. It is a more upscale apartment, but living with a roommate is cheaper than living on my own at a cheaper apartment so it works. I live about 10 minutes from campus and roughly 15/20 from downtown depending on traffic.
  5. Maybe that haven’t looked at grad applications yet? This is the first year that they’ve required it to be submitted the same time as CASPA. In past years, the deadline for the grad school app was November 1st which was a month after caspa was due. I doubt they’ve even looked at grad school apps at all, because I submitted mine back in May and there’s no indication on it that it has been reviewed or processed. I didn’t even receive an email stating they received it. I could definitely be wrong, I really just don’t know. You could try emailing them to ask if it’s still worth your time/money?
  6. That's true! Maybe they just sent it out to everyone who had all the prereqs and qualified? I'm really not sure.
  7. If I were you, I wouldn't waste the money (mostly because I don't have money to waste and I bet most college students are in the same boat lol). They are very firm with deadlines, and since the grad school app was due on September 1, I doubt they would consider it. Especially since their website says "Deadlines are FIRM: no exceptions will be made."
  8. Is anyone going to the info session this coming Saturday at WSU?
  9. I applied mid-May, got an email 7/24 stating the supplemental app would be sent in the coming weeks and haven’t gotten anything since.
  10. Wow! That shocks me, considering I'm a current student here at WSU. I've never been faced with any interactions even close to that, and I doubt this helps much, but I am incredibly sorry for the way she treated you. She could have explained things a little better, but I can try to help a little bit since I have some insight from going to the information sessions over the years. At the information sessions, they do give people a tour of the PA building if people choose to do so. I will note that the PA building/campus is not on Wichita State's actual campus anymore. Starting last summer, t
  11. I received the same email on July 24th and still haven’t heard anything yet!
  12. Let’s get some stats going if you’d like to share! Where are you from? Overall GPA? Science GPA? Health care experience? Shadowing? Volunteer hours? Anything else you’d like to share? I’m a senior at Wichita State. 3.83 overall 3.66 science 1700 PCE 31 shadowing hours 100 volunteer hours Super excited and nervous! This is my first time applying.
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