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  1. I have been an ID PA for 14+ years and only work inpatient seeing consults and follow ups. I work with residents and med students and mentor PA students. We have a wide range of pathology so my job is never boring. I love that we see patients in the nicu to 100 + years old and in every field.
  2. I went to PA school as a 41 year old single parent of three children ages 11, 13 and 15. I uprooted my family and moved to a different state with no family, friends or support. It is possible to do well in PA school with children but it won’t be easy. You definitely have to be committed and good at managing your time. My children were very involved in after school actives such as marching band, sports and school plays and I was able to make it to every activity except one. You will have to delegate more housework and the care of your children to your husband, other family members or friends but it’s definitely worth it. Your children will survive and learn by observation the importance of education, good study habits and that they can succeed at anything they put their minds to. As I said it won’t be easy. You will be exhausted, you won’t be able to stay home with sick kids and will not have a flexible schedule. You will have to have a plan set up before PA school. You probably won’t have a choice of clinical rotation locations and may be at a site out of state or out of the country. At my school we were at a different site every month. All of the spouses of students in my class worked fulll time, all were very supportive and all the students are now PAs. You can do this, but make sure you really want it and know what you are gettting into.
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