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  1. Good to know. I'm going to individually contact each school and figure out what each one wants as well.
  2. Hello! I am taking a bunch of classes to boost my gpa since I’ve already graduated college. They will be done in May. I know CASPA opens late April. When should I submit my CASPA? Before or after I’m done with these classes? Can I submit my caspa early and then send an update with new grades or no?
  3. How do PA schools view online classes? Thinking about raising my gpa up a bit.
  4. Hello! I am going to be applying to PA schools and I am highly interested in derm. I know this is a long time away but I just want to learn more about certain specialties. I was looking at jobs for derm PAs on Indeed and some other websites and I noticed they need 1-3 years experience. Is there any way to graduate PA school and start working immediately for a dermatologist or do you need to work your way through another specialty and then apply for a PA derm position?
  5. Hello! I would like to shadow a PA in the Kansas City area. I am having a bit of trouble finding PA’s to shadow.
  6. I’m applying to PA school and in the mean time I have been interested in working as an esthetician while working as a CNA. I plan on going to esthetician school for a couple months bc I love skin care. I was wondering what it is like to own and run or even work at a medical spa. What are your days like? What kind of work do you do? Do your work with a doctor who owns most of the company or can you legally own your own company and hire a doctor as an independent contractor?
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