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  1. I thought I was a strong applicant as well but only received 3 interviews, applied to 11 schools. To be honest apply to as many schools as you can afford to, you don't want to go through the process twice
  2. I would do nursing, there are many 2 year MSN programs and even some 1 year MSN programs. They are relatively easy to get accepted into, and you can pretty easily find a 70k/yr job if you really want it. Goodluck
  3. I recommend taking an accelerated CNA course either over winter break or in the summer and get a job at a hospital immediately after finishing. Many doors and experiences will open up for you
  4. Interview offers are right around the corner, anyone know the interview style that Madison has?
  5. Just received supplemental, but I'm pulling out. Goodluck all!
  6. You're still in high school, chill oouuutt. Something that I've noticed that tends to trip people up is thinking/planning way too far in advance. Take it one step at a time, I was a thug in high school and didn't evolve into a charazard until I started college. You'll be gucci
  7. That's what I thought as well. But matching a GPA of around 3.5 is different than matching a GPA 3.9<
  8. what does this mean to you, " successfully complete any outstanding courses for your bachelors degree prior to matriculation"
  9. What's up good people, I was wondering what GPA I have to maintain in order for my acceptance to not be rescinded? All of my prereqs for this program are already complete, I'm just finishing up courses for my degree.
  10. The cycle is so random, I ended up getting accepted into a school that I was below average in, in almost every category. You never truly know which schools will get back to you, even if you're "above-average" in all of their stats. Goodluck
  11. if they accept you then it wont matter anyway
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