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  1. You have a solid plan going, just needs some adjustments to make you a more qualified candidate. If you plan on apply to both schools (which you definitely should), be sure that you take all the required pre-reqs for both schools. From looking at their requirements, it seems like you have enough "patient-care hours" (min. 500 hr for both schools), however, if you are going to quit your full-time job for a part time one, I would look into something geared toward the medical field. You could get your CNA, which would bulk up your PCE. You'll still have to the GRE. But I am sure there are great study guides out there you can utilize that will set you on the right track. GOOD LUCK!
  2. I am knocking out some of the pre-reqs while doing the RT program. I might have 2 or 3 still to complete after I get my 1st degree, but then I'll be ready to apply to the nursing programs
  3. Since the program is concurrent, I'll still receive my bachelor's in two years. My goal was to become a nurse... now I'll just have the added bonus of being a Rad Tech too. I never considered the fall back plan aspect of it.. especially because nursing is something I am very interested in. I think I am concerned with schools having the same questions as you all... (Why the RT and RN degree?) Note: The CC that I attend offers a BS in Radiologic Science, however the additional pre-reqs for the program doesn't coincide with the pre-reqs required for the PA schools I am looking into, the ASN/BSN program does (another reason for going this route).
  4. Thanks for the helpful insight y'all.. I truly appreciate it. To answer why the two programs: My original plan was to get my degree in nursing, but the adviser of the school that I chose to attend stated that no one in their Nursing program can really work because it's too difficult with the school's structure and the rigorous workload. This scared me... because I NEED to work and didn't want to risk falling off in school. So he suggested the RT program (something that I was previously interested in prior). He stated that the workload is still rigorous, however it allows for time to work as well. (My campus doesn't offer the bachelor's route for the RT degree) I was about 8 months into the first part of the RT program when I found out that a CC in my area has a concurrent ASN/BSN program, so I enrolled there too. Again, I am still about 6 or 7 pre-req classes off from being able to apply to the actual ASN/BSN program, so I am knocking those out of the way. The ASN/BSN program has the pre-reqs that coincide with the PA program plus the bachelor's needed. I won't be able to apply for the nursing program til after I graduate anyways, but at least all my pre-reqs will be out of the way. If I knew about the concurrent ASN/BSN program first, I would have taken that route but it just didn't work out that way. I will definitely do some shadowing because you made a very valid point. I won't know what I'm in for until I see it first hand. Question: I should get DPC hours from being a Rad Tech that's counted as well right?
  5. Ahh.. that makes sense. Ditto what PP said and excluding that you will be at the required amount of hours. The worst that could happen is having those hours excluded which would still be ok because you have the other hours too.
  6. Hi All, I am a later in life college student (read: non-trad student) and I am probably still about 4 years out from actually applying to PA school. After reading over some of the post here, I have a few questions and would appreciate any answers and feedback. 1) How many schools would you recommend applying to? Obviously the whole eggs in one basket thing applies, but what if your heart is dead set on one school... do you just keep trying? 2) My route to PA school will be a wee bit unorthodox. I am currently enrolled at 2 different schools pursuing two totally different medical degrees. (I am on track to receive my AS in Radiologic Technology next year, while taking the additional pre-reqs required to get my ASN/BSN from the other school) If I am being perfectly honest, I didn't know anything about PAs until about 6 months ago. All of that to say, I don't want to seem flippant about my choice to become a PA. How do I make it clear that I am firm in my decision to pursue becoming a PA after being a Rad Tech and a nurse? Again, thanks for taking the time.. any advice is welcomed.
  7. I hope this doesn't come off rude-ish... But if you have or will have the required number of hours, why reach out and ask for the Educator hours to be considered? As the previous poster stated, it's not really direct patient care. Honestly, I'm just curious as to what the goal is.
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