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  1. Hi all, two questions: 1. If your transcript does not have your Biology or Chemistry Lab grades, how do you fill out the prerequisites when assigning courses? Do I choose the lecture grade again or click the button that says "I am not matching any courses to this prerequisite?" 2. I retook Gen Chem I after receiving a C in the class. Do I need to select both grades for assigning prerequisites even though I did not technically fail that course?
  2. I participated in ROTC, this clearly falls under Leadership Experience but could I "doubledip" this experience with Teaching Experience as well? I've taught basic soldier skills and other military classes as well while in ROTC so I wasn't sure if I should keep everything under 1 experience. This also applies to my camp counselor experience because - Leadership Experience; Director of the camp, Non-healthcare experience. Should I just keep it all together or does it look better to diversify the experience under separate categories?
  3. When writing my description/key responsibilities,is it better to write in bullet format: Assessed and took vitals signs on patients. Took daily inventory of ambulance. Attended training events such as vehicle extraction and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Course. as opposed to: I assessed and took vitals signs on patients. Each day I took an inventory of the ambulance. I participated in training events such as .....
  4. You think so? I think shadowing gives you an opportunity to "see" than to actually apply clinical knowledge that directly impacts patient care
  5. I am close to getting 1000 hours. Work/life has been impacting my ability to do that. My goal is to ask schools to consider my current work as counting towards those hours. I may be one-sided but I think my job goes above and beyond what it means to understand how healthcare professionals function and the care they provide which I think is the important factor when considering prospective PA students. I dont think you came off as rude, it is helping me craft my letter better. Perhaps I wont mention I am already close to getting 1000 hours
  6. Thanks, that was very helpful! I agree there is a lot of extra shenanigans in there. I'll work on that.
  7. Hi all, I am crafting a letter to some schools to see if they would accept my role as a clinical systems educator as clinical hours. It is a fairly unique role with new EMRs coming out like our big Cerner implementation in Concord, New Hampshire. Do you think Clinical Education counts towards clinical hours? I highlighted where I discuss my job so no need to read through the whole thing. Dear (SCHOOL), My professional goal is to pursue a career as a surgical physician assistant and I am most interested in your program at Tufts. My request of you is to consider my current work as f
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