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  1. They handled it very well for having so many people for an MMI format, and if there were any glitches you could call and they'd fix it instantly. It's meant to be a conversation about your motivations for being a PA and for CSU. Ultimately you are also interviewing them, so do a mock interview and prep questions for faculty/students. They know what everyone is going through with apps and covid so they don't mean for the interview to add any stress!
  2. Got an acceptance yesterday! Will most likely put my deposit down as well. Same as above - the faculty seem great and really committed to the students and making a solid curriculum. Good luck to everyone else and be yourself during interviews!
  3. I emailed. The site is down and IT is working on it
  4. I was wondering if anyone could give me recommendations for applying to PA programs and if I have a shot at it. I am graduating this may with a BS in chemistry, BS in math, and a spanish minor. I'm also part of a 4+1 program to get a masters in chemistry before PA school. Overall gpa: 3.88 All of my pre-requisite grades are "A" except a "B" in biochemistry. GRE was a 157 in both sections and 5 on the written. I will have around 1200 hours from being a CNA and volunteering with a medical missions program.
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