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  1. I am also going to interview on 2/17/20! Can't wait to meet you all
  2. Congrats!! I got an email on Tuesday that I was placed on the alternate list, praying for an acceptance call!
  3. I have not heard anything back yet! I plan on calling the school tomorrow.
  4. Hi, did anyone interview in September and not hear anything back? I'm still waiting
  5. Received a rejection letter today. Best of luck to those still waiting to hear back!
  6. I received my rejection letter this morning at 9:30am. I was part of the first group to interview in August. Best of luck to those still waiting to hear back!
  7. Of course! CASPA GPA: 3.37, Science: 3.44, Non-Science: 3.29 HCE: 306 as a medical scribe PCE: 936 as a CNA Volunteer: 229 Shadowing: 515 (if scribing counts as shadowing)
  8. Can anyone let me know where the rotation sites are located? Like are they within an hour drive? if some are not, does the school offer housing for further rotations? I've heard that some schools do this!
  9. Hi, my advice would be to call the school and find out when their last interview is because I was offered an interview on 12/11 and this school does have rolling admissions, which is why I'm kind of surprised they're even interviewing that late into the cycle. If they have more interviews later on in December or even early next year, then definitely apply because you have nothing to lose! BTW this program only has 30 seats, which is super tiny, but if you feel confident with your application and they have more interviews, then go for it ?
  10. Congratulations!! How was the interview process without giving too much info? I have over a month till my interview so any helpful tips or advice would be appreciated ?
  11. I submitted my application May 17th and received an invitation to interview on December 11th, so excited! ?
  12. I heard from current students that you can hear back a few days after to weeks or months after your interview. So it's pretty spread out. I'm in the same boat, interviewed Oct 1st and waiting to hear back!
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