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  1. Thank you so much for your response!! I did read the previous forums but I wanted more information. I work with a few PAs that went to Nova in FTL and I have been talking to them, and their experience seems very similar to yours. I think I'm going to go with FTL!! Just have to call and see if my deposit can transfer, haha!
  2. Hello!! I am having a really tough time choosing between the FTL and Orlando campuses. I currently have seat at Orlando (with a deposit) but was also accepted at FTL yesterday and now I have to make a tough choice because I truly liked both campuses. It's very difficult for me to compare, as I feel the campuses offer different things and are unique in their own ways. If there are any current or past students reading this - PLEASE share you experiences regarding faculty, location/campus, living, resources, and any other things you feel are relevant. I have tried to make a list but this made it even harder. I would love to hear from you!!!!
  3. Gave up my seat; going to Orlando instead. Hope this helps somebody!
  4. Being yourself is definitely important! As someone mentioned above, the interview consists of 3 rooms with 2-3 interviewers per room at ~8-10 minutes. Be prepared for questions that come at you quickly, as well as many situational/behavioral questions. I recommend having a "grab bag" of experiences that you can pull from to answer them...this is way better than having super rehearsed answers to every single little question and you won't come off as fake. Also this way, you won't be spending too much time thinking and can answer almost right away, which is beneficial when you have limited time! Other than that, in the beginning, try to mingle and talk with everyone..really get to know the faculty and ask questions of the students on the tour. I had a really great experience and I felt more excited than nervous. Good luck!!
  5. I interviewed 10/31, received my accept hold letter in the mail on 11/3, and received an accept call this morning (11/6). I am so happy and excited and would love to answer any questions anyone has!!
  6. Student0024

    changed my address in CASPA

    I am in a weird situation where I am inbetween apartments and leases, so I made my mailing address as my permanent address which is where my parents live. I submitted CASPA on sept 1st and just made this change today. If programs send me letters will they send them to that new address or should I contact each program individually?
  7. Student0024

    Medical Assistant without certification?

    That's awesome that you say that - I'm currently a scribe in the ED so I can definitely share my experience and relate to you. I love scribing, but I want to get a little more hands on/patient care experience. However... I don't really want to be a CNA and I don't really want to spend money and time on a certification. So MA would be perfect. I'll start applying. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Student0024

    Medical Assistant without certification?

    Interesting! So no hospitals. I feel like everywhere I've looked, primary care offices are affiliated with a large hospital. Still try for this or avoid d/t the affiliation ?
  9. Student0024

    Medical Assistant without certification?

    Thanks for the advice!
  10. Student0024

    Verification time?!

    I submitted 9/1 and was verified 9/4.
  11. Student0024

    Medical Assistant without certification?

    Thanks so much for this advice - exactly what I was looking for. I actually was on Indeed when I noticed that some jobs only "preferred" you to have the certification. I do understand that it's rare but I will certainly try!
  12. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has worked as a medical assistant or CNA without going through a formal course or test. I've heard of people getting a MA/CNA position and receiving on the job training, but I wasn't sure how common this was. Please share your experience!
  13. Hi guys, i just received an interview invite! The earliest available date was December 11th. I wish there were dates sooner but I guess I'm lucky because I was a little late in the cycle! I submitted CASPA 9/1, was verified, 9/4, received a supplemental 9/5, submitted supplemental 9/11 and received an interview invite today, 9/14.
  14. That does help thanks! Yep, florida specifically. Did you think that doing the course was beneficial and helped you get employed? If i don't have to spend the extra money and time (still currently a full time student) I don't want to but i will if absolutely necessary. Some places I have noticed do not care if you just sit and challenge the exam, other places want a training program, and some don't really clarify.
  15. Really? That's interesting! Everywhere I have potentially thought of applying requires you to have a CNA/PCT license in order to get the job (at least I think, if I'm reading it right). Do you think if I take one of those 3-4 day courses and pass the exam I will be able to get a job somewhere?

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