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  1. Question for you - I am a big Dave Ramsey fan as well. I am graduating in one month and I have a job lined up, and I am getting prepared for paying off my loans - I have $80k. I have always wanted to pay it off as quickly as possibly - goal is 2 years. When you paid off your loans did you contribute anything to retirement? Of note, this position is an independent contractor position (1099) so I will have to open my own retirement plan. I know Dave says to throw everything at student loans and not contribute to retirement, but I've heard others say different. I am 25 yrs old, single, no car payment, no other loans.
  2. Message me! I really want to use it at least for the month of August, ideally for July and August. But $200 is very steep for me right now
  3. Wow!! Thanks for sharing that - kind of what I am worried about happening, if it came to it. Glad you liked your field and it worked out for you!
  4. I love the piece of advice about being an open sponge - I feel like if I started in a specialty and went to a different one or a general field, it would almost be like being a new grad again in the sense of re-learning and getting re-trained. Thanks for your input!
  5. Ah thank you for sharing - one opportunity for me is in urology. Going for a shadow day next week - spoke with the doc over the phone and got really good vibes. But the only thing I'm worried about is what if i hate it or have to move or something, and then I can't find another job in a different field. But it's good to hear that you were able to go from specialty to general. thanks for sharing!
  6. Hello all, Graduating soon and have some opportunities that I am closely pursuing, but all of them are in specialties. Initially my plan was to work in a general field for a few years and then move to a specialty, but then I realized in the area I live in, maybe I can't be too picky... So just wanted to ask this community specifically about starting off as a new grad in a specialty vs general practice (FM, IM, UC, ER, etc). If you started in a specialty, do you think it was a good choice? If you tried to switch jobs, were you able to do so? And if so, did you go to another specialty or back to a general field? If you started in a general practice, was it easy to go to a specialty? Would love to hear about your experiences with lateral mobility!!
  7. Currently in clinicals, usually it's just me one on one with a preceptor, but sometimes there is another student. 2-3 students at one clinical site has not been bad at all - I don't ever feel like I'm competing or not getting to do something
  8. ^ I agree with the above poster. I get to choose 3 electives, and #1 on my list was cardiology. I felt so much more comfortable with cardiology after I left and I highly recommend that as well. However, it was all outpatient for me and I could not round with my doc in the mornings at the hospital because that particular hospital was not open to students (bc of Covid). I will say if you know you are interested in doing something more procedure based, I would pick a surgery subspecialty or even something like IR. From my experience in 6 weeks, as a PA, there aren't any "procedures" you do... at least not where I was at. I watched my doc do some procedures in the cath lab, but there didn't seem to be a role for a PA in there.
  9. Personally I chose a school that had cadaver lab over one that did not, and now I am in my clinical year (currently in gen surg) and I am very happy that I got to see a person filleted open before I got to surgery. I think it gave me a better understanding of anatomy and made me appreciate the human body (for example: do you know how thick the sciatic nerve is?? it's huge!!). However, I do not think it's absolutely necessary. It won't make or break you as a PA. As with all things, if you were to go into a field like surgery, you would eventually learn all of the relevant anatomy anyway. The schools I was between were all sister campuses so the tuition was the same, and living expenses were very close in price too. If I were you - I would not choose a school that is 40-50k more expensive w/ higher cost of living just for cadaver lab.
  10. Thank you everyone for your responses - I think I will pass on this mission trip as it is a little too expensive for me at this time... but definitely something I would like to do as a PA-C!
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has done a mission trip in PA school. My school's offering one at the end of didactic year to Panama and I am interested but not sure. On one hand, I've heard it's a cool experience - experiencing life in a 3rd world country and being able to do minor procedures and help the underserved etc... but on the other hand, I barely do any volunteering in the underserved areas where I live, so I feel like I should do that first rather than pay $1500 to spend 1 week volunteering. So, is it worth it? Does it help with clinical year (or better yet - jobs afterward)? Please share if you have any experience!!
  12. I submitted my CASPA September 1st, and had received my first interview Sept. 14th. I felt like it was really late, but my logic was "might as well try" I only applied to schools w/ December and January deadlines...as long as you're smart about where you apply and you think you'd be a really great candidate at those schools you shouldn't have an issue. However, I would say October/November is definitely too late. In my opinion, it's better to wait and have a full and complete application, rather than submit early and have a bad/incomplete one. I applied to 10 schools, received 3 acceptances, 7 total interview invites (4 which I didn't go to), and 3 rejections. And this was September 1st. So don't worry
  13. I agree with Blynn12 - I applied to 10 schools this past cycle with December and January deadlines - I submitted CASPA September 1st and was verified September 4th. I received 5 interviews and 3 acceptances (2 of the interviews I declined to attend because I had chosen my school). Of note, most of those schools were actually rolling admissions. You just have to be smart about it - I knew I wasn't going to be able to apply early, so I only considered schools with Dec/Jan deadlines. I know what you mean about the patient care though, that was a huge reason I waited as well. So, June is definitely not too late! If anything it is even on the early/normal side. Good luck!
  14. I am in a weird situation where I am inbetween apartments and leases, so I made my mailing address as my permanent address which is where my parents live. I submitted CASPA on sept 1st and just made this change today. If programs send me letters will they send them to that new address or should I contact each program individually?
  15. That's awesome that you say that - I'm currently a scribe in the ED so I can definitely share my experience and relate to you. I love scribing, but I want to get a little more hands on/patient care experience. However... I don't really want to be a CNA and I don't really want to spend money and time on a certification. So MA would be perfect. I'll start applying. Thanks for sharing!!
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