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  1. Thank you for the advice! I will look more into Emory and see if they are worth applying to this round. My personal statement is going to be a tear jerker for sure.
  2. Undergrad: Louisiana State University, Kinesiology Graduate: Texas Woman's University, Kinesiology (Using the CASPA Excel Calculator) Current CASPA Cumulative GPA: 3.02 Current CASPA Science GPA: 2.91 I will be taking 19 hours of pre-reqs before I apply (Chem I, Intro to Bio for Allied Health, Chem 2, Micro, and Genetics) and if I get a 4.0 this will be my GPA: CASPA Cumulative GPA: 3.13 CASPA Science GPA: 3.16 Then I will be taking another 25 hours of science classes in the summer and fall to finish out a couple of pre-reqs and retake some courses (Ochem, Bio lab II, A&PI, A&PII, BioChem, Physics I, and Immunology) incase I don't get in this round and if I get a 4.0 this will be my GPA: CASPA Cumulative GPA: 3.23 CASPA Science GPA: 3.35 Age: 26 GRE: 300 combined V151, Q149 PCE- 2500 as a PCT in Occupational Medical Clinic Volunteer/Leadership: 100+ hours with various volunteer events LOR: 1 PA, 2 Doctors, 1 Nurse Practitioner Shadowing: 150 hours in orthopedic surgery, Family, and Occupational Medicine Applying to: Yale Online, UTMB, UT-Southwestern, UNT, Texas Tech, LSU-Shreveport, North Greenville University, Barry University, Sullivan University, University of Oklahoma, University of Washington-MEDEX, Missouri State University, Wichita State University, Emory University, Wingate University, Nova Southeastern University, University of Bridgeport, A.T. Still University, and Touro University. Submitted: Planning on applying in May 2018 before I take Ochem in the summer. Attempt: First I know I am applying to a lot of schools but I really want to get in on my first attempt. If there are schools on my list that you think won't be accepting of my lower GPA and average GRE or if there are schools that I haven't listed that you think have a more holistic approach to admissions please let me know! Also, I have contemplated retaking the GRE but I have heard you can only raise your grade maybe 5 points and I don't know if a 305 vs. a 300 really makes a difference. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I am applying next cycle and was wondering if anyone get accepted with a low GPA? My stats aren't great (these are according to a CASPA GPA calculator): cGPA: 3.15 sGPA: 3.2 GRE: taking it next week PCE Hours: ~2500 Shadowing: ~150. I have a BS and a MS in Kinesiology (I don't really know if that helps). Also, I am taking Micro, Chem II, and Genetics this semester and will only have OChem left to take in the summer. Another question I have is should I apply before I take OChem or after. I know applying early is always better but I don't know if it is better than having all your pre-reqs done. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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