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  1. Hi, and thank you I'm pretty sure that shadowing an ER PA counts towards the shadow requirement. Just to be safe though, you could give the program a call at (207) 221-4225. However, I will say that shadowing another PA (especially in primary care) is a good idea anyway! Plus, it gives you more to talk about in your interview. Good luck!
  2. No worries! I was in the same boat. I actually emailed the lady from student housing because I wanted access to their resources, and she gave me instructions on how to set up my accounts Jaclyn said that more info will go out in March!
  3. Please follow the instructions below to get your email account activated Once you have set up the UNE email, log out of the browser with any non UNE email and log back in using the new UNE email. You can then complete the student survey form with your UNE credentials - it may take a couple of days to give you access to the google doc because someone has to add you. FIRST TIME UNE ACCOUNT ACCESS Your username/Nor'easter ID is the same username generated for you at the time you registered via the self-service portal. Your password is your birthday in the form of MMDDYY. If you do not know your username/Nor'easter ID: Visit U-Online: http://uonline.une.edu/ Select Lookup Your Nor'easter ID - this will require your SSN and DOB. You will be provided with your username (commonly referred to as your Nor'easter ID or UNE Student ID) and your 9-digit PRN number. Nor'easter ID/usernames will usually be your first initial followed by your last name. In the event that this username is already in use a numeral will be added, e.g. jblogs4. If you receive a message 'No Record Found', please contact the IT Help Desk toll free 1-877-518-4673 (24/7) • Step 1: Activate your email: Office 365 • Visit the Office 365 log in page at http://outlook.com/une.edu Login with your email address and temporary password. 0 Your User ID is your full UNE email address (your Nor'easter ID followed by @une.edu). o Temporary passwords are either your 6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY) or the last 6-digits of your PRN number. 0 If you have any issues logging in, please contact the IT Help Desk toll free 1-877-518-4673 (24/7) • If you wish to forward your UNE e-mail to another account, you may do so by: o Once logged in to your Office 365 account, select Options in the top right corner. o Under Shortcuts to other things you can do, select Forward your e-mail. o Under Forwarding, enter the e-mail account you wish to forward your e-mail to. Step 2: Activate your other synchronized accounts: U-Online, Blackboard, MyUNE, etc Please note: The password used for your Office 365 email account is not connected to these additional accounts. You must complete this step to access your billing or grade information in U-Online. • Visit the Password Portal: http://password.une.edu O Log in with your username/Nor'easter ID and temporary password. o Temporary passwords are either your 6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY) or the last 6-digits of your PRN number. . If you receive the message 'Invalid username or password' or you do not know your username/Nor'easter ID, please contact the IT Help Desk toll free 1-877-518-4673 (24/7) Follow the onscreen instructions to create your new password and set answers to the Password Challenge Response question. This will enable you to perform password self-resets in future at this site. Password Sync Status can be used to synchronize your password within all University systems. Click on the link within the password portal to synchronize your password.
  4. Same here there's a find a roommate resource on the UNE website that I've been trying to use, but no one else has filled it out yet except for me lol You have to set up your UNE online accounts before you can use it. FYI, I called Jaclyn on Friday, and she said we'd be receiving more materials after the second deposit is due (March 1). I'm getting anxious to square away loans, housing, materials, uniforms, etc. Can't wait to meet you all!
  5. I got a phone call 8 days after my interview on the following Sunday! Some other people got it the day after me. The timeline seems kind of variable. Good luck!
  6. @Beth03 I interviewed a couple of weeks ago and attended the social. Most people did not go with a casual look which is why I wanted to respond to your post. UNE actually has an every-day dress code of no jeans or leggings, so I'd go with a business casual look at the least. Probably slacks or khakis for guys with a polo or button-up. And for gals, I wore some straight-legged business pants and a nice top. I don't think that people would judge you too hard based on what you wear, but there was probably only two people wearing actual "casual" wear at the social ? I'd also like to point out that a couple people came in full suits, and they did appear a bit overdressed.
  7. Hey, I interviewed on Saturday! I think all of us agreed that the interview process was pretty low stress. The faculty was nice and wanted to get to know us. The kinds of questions that they asked were sort of hard to study for, so I wouldn't worry about memorizing tons of facts or anything. The program seems really great, definitely a focus on primary care. The writing sample was also not bad AT ALL. As far as another round of interviews, I have no idea. I'd maybe refer back to the post by Mvh0602.
  8. Thank you, that's so helpful ? I was really hoping that it wasn't like the GRE because my GRE essay prompt was about politics (I bombed it haha) Thanks, Laedya!
  9. K8itlin and I are going to the social on Friday night. I don't think either of us is bringing another person - both of us are travelling alone. UNE said you were welcome to bring someone though! I don't see anything wrong with that. It'll be great to meet you guys!
  10. Oh, no way! I live in Missoula, but I was just in Bozeman a couple weeks ago. I'm gonna shoot you a message so we don't bore everyone haha Does anyone know anything about the writing sample?
  11. Hey, there! Thanks, you too ? Yes, I should be attending the social. However, I'm flying standby from Montana which can be a bit dodgy haha I tried to give myself a buffer though. Where are you coming from? We'll have to to meet up at the social.
  12. My name is Jasmine, and I'm interviewing on 10/13 ? I'm so glad to know that the interview was low-stress! Congrats and thanks for your take on the interviewing process. However, I'm super curious about the "writing sample." I'm a decent writer, but I tend to not do well on timed writing tests. Could you maybe tell us a little more about the writing sample? Is it a timed essay?
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