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  1. Hi everyone!! Congrats to everyone who has been accepted and waitlisted! I have been accepted at the Omaha campus! I am so excited to meet everyone!
  2. When does the program end if it starts in January?
  3. Hi all! I am applying to PA schools and need to fulfill ONE LAST academic requirement....Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 with lab. Still kicking myself for not taking the courses in college. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Microbiology and a graduate degree in Bioterrorism and Infectious Diseases, so I meet all other prereqs. The problem is that I work a full time job with the FDA that is 50% travel, so I am not able to take the AP courses in person. I know this is a drawback for some schools, but I am afraid I don't have another option. Does anyone know of any online AP classes with lab from accredited schools that are known to be accepted at a variety of PA schools? Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! -Tara
  4. Hello PA world! My name is Tara Pianko and I currently live in Seattle, Washington. I am desperately looking to find a PA to shadow or get some advice about becoming a PA. I am willing to travel near or far to gain such experience and would appreciate it more than you know! A little more about me - I am 26 and currently working with the FDA as an Investigator primarily focusing on cross-contamination risks that could affect public health through food and a variety of other commodities. I have always had the desire to work in a clinical environment and fell in love with the idea of the PA profession but would love to solidify this idea into fact. I graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology and graduated from Georgetown University with a Master's degree in Biohazardous Threat Agents (Bioterrorism) & Emerging Infectious Diseases. I have had about 200 hours of shadowing/experience in a hospital in Tanzania, which confirmed that I would love to work in a clinical environment with patients indefinitely. I would appreciate any assistance in gaining more shadowing experience or mentorship as I continue down the path in becoming a PA! Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and Happy New Year! -Tara Pianko
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