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  1. Do you have any contact info for anyone that transferred from Navy to USPHS?
  2. POC: Garrett Bruner PA Admission Coordinator 629-802-3057
  3. Are you seeing patients or are you doing more admin?
  4. I got my invitation for a Zoom interview on January 4th. I'm also interested to see how the interview is conducted over Zoom. Any insight would be great.
  5. For those that went to more than one school, did you add each in the supplemental or just the most recent?
  6. I found some old post about this topic but only a few people were involved and it was from quite a few years back. I thought I'd bring it up again for more clarification for all. Looking for suggestions on how to/ how you enter military experience into CASPA. What are your thoughts on dividing all of that up between medical and non-medical experience, training and schools, deployment vs. garrison, leadership roles, and awards? Did you add past certs that have since lapsed? Should it be broken down by each duty station or each title? Also, how did you quantify the number of hours and shou
  7. I think I'm looking for the Navy Version of this... http://www.alu.army.mil/alog/issues/JulAug12/Force_Management_Army.html
  8. I know this post is pretty old but, I would love to get an update on all of your careers. I am in a situation like HMtoPA where by the time I commission as a PA and complete my obligations it would make the most sense to “stick it out” and gain as much experience as possible.
  9. When did you apply for the program, get your interview, and get your letter of acceptance.
  10. I plan on applying to the HSCP as well but I’m not sure when I should be actually talking to a recruiter. I’m pretty well versed in the program but, my hang up is on the schedule of applying for CASPA and HSCP. I’m prior service in the Navy and I’m halfway through my bachelors.
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