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  1. After more carefully reading the email I realized something. At the end is states after all other remaining candidates have been interviewed and reviewed they will then reconsider us. Looks like we are waiting until Late may to June 1st
  2. For anyone accepted and that wants to connect https://www.facebook.com/groups/387964624996721/about/
  3. They attempt to get the best they can and then to reevaluate after that.
  4. Hello! I was just curious if anyone this year has found themselves in the scenario the title suggests? Also if you are from a different years class and experienced the scenario of the title, when did you receive the acceptance? Was it soon after or was it closer to the June 1st deadline. I really appreciate anyone that can offer some insight! I'm sure there are plenty of us sitting in this situation just cringing over this waiting process.
  5. Anyone interview yesterday at Bayshore? or have an interview on 2/26?
  6. They sent a letter to any prespective students. Explaining that regardless of the probations status when you graduate, you will be able to sit for the PANCE bc of being essentially GRANDFATHERED in. Hope it helps
  7. Yea you are in the preliminary phase so you are good. After they review they will decided whether you've earned an interview. It takes a while. They interview into May and make final decisions June 1st.
  8. You have a chance. So many applicants have already been interviewed and if they fill before you got an interview there's your answer but they do typically interview all the way into June if they feel they haven't found the students they are looking for. I was told from the admissions dept. that they wont settle unless they have exhausted all possible resources. I don't know your stats and experience etc. but if you are a upper echelon student with great experience your chances will be much greater even compared to those who had applied when CASPA first opened. Hope this helps sorry for the wordiness.
  9. This is probably best served on this page. There was another created by someone on the General PA page. Figured i could maybe get everyone in a better area more commonly checked by those looking for information specifically as it pertains to Mercy.
  10. Hey guys! Just figured i'd let you know i received an acceptance to the Mercy today! Good luck to ALL!!!!!
  11. Go in and wait in the lobby, See a presentation from John Rongo, Fill out a quiz, people are pulled up one at a time and brought to different interviewer but you only interview one time. If you are incorrect on the quiz they'll ask for an explanation on why you chose so you have a shot at justifying, Lastly you write a small essay and you can leave. Roughly 2hrs.
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