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  1. I told them I did not have a preference mainly because I don’t lol I’d just be glad to get into the program.
  2. Monday cannot come any faster! I still can’t believe we are finally a few days away! Does anyone know how long it takes for them to send out all interview invites? Like is it all at once by email? Or do they do a few each week?
  3. Yes I am getting pretty Antsy as well! I wish we didn’t have to wait so long lol. But I have actually applied to three other schools already. Just because the waiting game for those schools is long as well, and I wanted to be able to hear from all the schools at least every two months or so.
  4. Hello! I am a little confused, if I applied to Towson, do I have to submit a separate CASPA for CCBC?
  5. Hello everyone! I submitted on 5/17 still waiting to be verified due to transcript updates. Has anyone applied to this school before? This is my first cycle applying to PA school.
  6. Hello everyone!! So glad I found this, I just submitted my application two days ago, and no confirmation email.
  7. Does anyone know...... So I just finished two courses, one in Genetics and one in Biochemistry, A’s in both and wanted to let EVMS know that I’d like for them to see these grades as well. Do you know if they will let me send them?
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