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  1. Hello everyone! its been awhile since I have been on here, but i am the creator of this topic, I am so happy to see people actually using it. This will be my first cycle applying to EVMS and currently working on my personal statement letter. Since they do not have open enrollment I assume its okay that I am still working on my letter? I just feel so behind for some reason.
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Simone and I could not find a topic that was about EVMS and this cycles applicants. So I hope this can be an opportunity for us all to connect, network, get advice from one another, as well as being a support for each other going through this PA journey! Please feel free to add information about yourself, like where your from, what admissions requirements you would be applying with, any questions you my have that may assist you with the application.... ANYTHING lol. Hope this is helpful to you all. God bless you and your successful journey to becoming a Physician Assistant!
  3. Hello, I am in a difficult time myself with applying to PA school. For me I have about 800 PCE not including the PAs I shadowed and the MDs, I also worked for a hospital as a peer counselor which work at the grass roots of communities. Within that position I led/hosted many community events for mothers and fathers of poverty with children who were drug addicted etc. get connected to resources within the hospital as well as programs in the community to help them with food, clothing, housing Information, the list goes on. I also hosted community baby showers for families who could not afford them, and also went out into the homeless shelters and schools and was a sexual health educator. I currently work for an Ophthalmologist as a medical assistant, and currently taking pre-req courses. Both science and cumulative GPA are 3.01. Does anyone think I have a chance at getting into a PA program at all next cycle of 2018-2019? By that time I should have about 2000 PCE. If not can anyone tell me what I should do differently?
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