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  1. CASPA is saying my Overall GPA is only a 2.83. I thought my GPA would have been much higher, I graduated undergrad with a 2.81, and my post-bacc GPA was a 3.61.....can anyone give me advice on what to do?
  2. Can anyone tell me what GPA PCOM looks at from CASPA? There are so many GPAs listed on the CASPA PDF.
  3. Don’t prepare yourself for rejection. Trust me I have had a rollercoaster of emotions about my applications, I applied to four schools, received rejections from two already and still waiting on UofU and PCOM. I know my GPA could be better, and if it’s not good enough then I will just work hard to take more courses to bring that up, and if my essay wasn’t good enough, well then I’ll try a new approach next time. But there is no rush, I constantly have to tell myself if this is what I want to do, then it is what I am going to do. It may not be at a time that I absolutely want , but it will happen. I say all this to say, I feel your discouragement but don’t feel discouraged, you can only do better from here to better your chances of getting in, IF you do not get picked for this upcoming class. A program will see your light and the special attributes you will bring to their program soon. keep your head up!
  4. I love the positivity I see!! Thank you all for encouraging words. I have been so nervous about if I’ll hear back about an interview or not. I really want to go to this school, I have worked so hard taking classes and re taking classes, volunteering, leading health related seminars for women and children, worked grass roots with my city to help educate our families about maternal and child health, and the list goes on. I really want a program to see what I have to offer.
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