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  1. Exact same boat! Can someone tell us and the others out there about their experience their especially didactic, rotations, and staff?
  2. Hmm, I wish I could get more opinions on Jax and Fort Myers, because I'm in the same boat as well. I'm leaning towards Jax mainly because of the "feel" which I got interviewing there. Apparently, this is a big deal because students and faculty that I've met in my interviewing process has said that it's actually a very important factor to consider. I'm just concerned as well about the PANCE rates... when I emailed Ms. Giacomo of Fort Myers, she had said their current class of 2017 PANCE rate was 100% and when I emailed Ms. Griffith of Jax, she had said there's was 96%, though I do not know how many more students need to take the PANCE in both schools. Anyone know any more valuable information that could help me and the others on here who are in the same position?
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