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  1. I am the wife of a PA, so forgive me for intruding, but as he works 55-60 hours a week, research falls to me. We recently moved to north Texas and his private practice total joint surgery/clinic (knees & hips) job is killing us, so we're planning to have him give notice next month, even if he doesn't have anything lined up. I need some pointers, as I am the one researching and screening jobs and recruiters. Would anyone be willing to give their input on the following topics? 1) Anyone work at Baylor, Scott & White; Texas Health or THPG? If so, especially if you work in Ortho Surgery, could you tell me your overall opinion of them as employers? Would you say they are better than others or worse (in terms of hours, benefits, work environment, patient care, etc). Any input would be great! 2) Has anyone here moved from one specialty to another after finding the previous one not to their liking? If so, how did you go about finding out if the new one was a good fit? (we've got 3 kids 5 and under and we know Ortho is notorious for long hours, but the hubs has only ever worked in pain management for Kaiser and this total joint gig...not really sure how to maneuver a lateral move to another specialty). 3) any one who works/has worked in the Dallas/Plano area with recommendations for groups or employers, recruiting companies...I would GREATLY appreciate any tips you have. This job is killing our family and we need a change pronto. Thank you for allowing this PA wife to pick your brain, and thank you in advance for your responses.
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