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  1. it is 27 months May 2019-August 2020 is the didactic year and August 2020-August 2021 is the clinical/clerkship year
  2. To be honest, I have not heard anything. But I would assume that you will probably hear something either right before Thanksgiving break or right after. But, I'm not 100% sure. I know a lot of stuff has been going on here, so I think they are just a little behind.
  3. By the way, if you all haven't seen the insta takeover, it can be found on the highlight section of ABU's Instagram. It contains info about the application process as well what our typical day as a student is like. Good luck to everyone!
  4. Congrats on the interview and thanks for watching my insta take over. The format is very chill. You get there and have a brief meeting and tour with Mr. Moore or someone else. Then you each split off and get interviewed either one-on-one or you and two staff members. The questions they asked me were your typical PA school interview questions. Why do you want to be a PA? What did you do to prepare for PA school? If you didn't choose to be a PA, what other profession would you have chosen? And more. I believe my interview only lasted around 15-20 minutes. I would definitely make sure to get there as early as possible or just give yourself more time than you would think. Showing up late is never a good first impression. Good luck tomorrow!
  5. The person in charge of admissions has been away in conferences so don’t worry about it.
  6. Hey everyone! If you want to learn more about the program and what a typical day is like for us students, add Alderson Broaddus University on Instagram. I will be taking over their story tomorrow!
  7. I believe the last set of interviews is in March.
  8. For those who get accepted, here is the link to the Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/888904847965176/
  9. First of all, congrats on the interview! When you get here, make sure to check in (there will be signs telling you where to go). You will have a brief orientation/meeting with the other people interviewing that day. Whoever does the talking, Mr. Moore talked at my interview, will talk about the program and allow you to ask any questions. You will also do a brief tour of the building. After this, each person will be given their individual interviews with one to two staff members. While waiting for your interview, some of us current students (if we are available) will be there to answer any questions you have for us. Kind of like you are interviewing us lol. I've had other interviews that were very stressful, but this interview day is very chill. So don't worry about it. ? Make sure to go the first floor and not the basement. Basically don't take any stairs when you get to the front of the building. Again congrats on the interview!
  10. Hey! I have never heard of anyone staying at the Tygart Lake Lodge. There is a place called the Mountaineer Inn. It's right outside of Philippi's town (about 5 minutes from school). But to be honest, I have never stayed there, so I'm not sure how clean it is. Although it is 30 minutes away, I highly recommend The Hilton Garden Inn in Clarksburg. Usually sports teams that are competing against ABU will stay at this hotel. I have stayed there multiple times when family comes to visit in town. There are other hotels next to it and the majority of them are located near Emily Drive. The area where the Hilton hotel is at also has many stores and restaurants to choose from. Philippi is a very small town, so you get used to have to drive some distance (like to Clarksburg or Bridgeport) ? I'm from Michigan so when I say traffic is not bad, I mean it lol. The most traffic you will probably hit is leaving Emily Drive to get onto highway, but that's it. There are lots of country roads around here. But when in doubt, add an extra 15 minutes to your commute just to be safe.
  11. Hey everyone. Due to some construction going on at the college, there is limited parking. So if someone is coming with you to your interview, I suggest you have that person drop you off at the door. ? Good luck tomorrow and I’m excited to see some of you!
  12. Last year, I received an email notifying me of an interview.
  13. Hey everyone! Hopefully, I get to see some of you on Sept. 11th. I have a morning class so depending on when that is done, I'll try to get downstairs and talk with you all before or after your interview (if the interview day set up is the same as my interview from last year). If you all need suggestions on where to stay the day before the interview, hit me up! I can give you various hotels in the area and how far each hotel is from the school. Dress professional, come prepared, be yourself, and don't stress out. Good luck to the first set of interviews!?
  14. Hello, I believe it was around 15 people. My interview was late in November of last year. Have a great day!
  15. Hello! AB does have a cadaver lab. We actually just took our last lab test with 12 cadavers that are located in the basement. I would say my favorite part of the school is something that hasn’t even happened yet. Next semester, we are already going to be doing weekly clinicals at nearby hospitals. I do better with hands on experience so I think already getting to see patients before our clinical year is a great way for me to learn personally. My advice to you is something I did for my interviews. I made booklets of pictures of what my application says I have done. For example, I had a picture of my medical internship in a different county. I had another picture of what places I have volunteered at, and more. I like pictures because they show to the people interviewing you what kind of person you are without words on a piece of paper. Hope this helps, and if any of you have questions, let me know!
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