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  1. Hello! I was wondering how PA schools will look at having multiple colleges on my application. I haven't traveled anywhere and I've gotten my degree from my university. However, now I live at home and I'm taking postbacc classes at a 4 year school closer to my home ( 2 hour drive vs 20 minutes) I still need a couple classes that I want to take online so I can accumulate my PCE. The only problem is that all 3 of the classes I'm trying to take are from different online schools due to cost and courses offered at that school. The classes I'm trying to take online are Biochemistry, medical terminology and spanish 2. Would this look negatively on my application?
  2. @aceface Do you know if it was a 3.4 cGPA and sGPA? or just cGPA?
  3. Krissyd

    Repeated coursework?

    No problem!! I've been in that situation so I understand!
  4. Krissyd

    Repeated coursework?

    Hey! So it will count towards the pre-req requirements regardless, some schools only care that you made a C or higher whether it was your first attempt or second attempt and some schools average the 2 of them! CASPA just means that it won't do a repeat to replace! Good Luck!!
  5. I made an A in molec cell bio and I'm taking A&P over summer and fall along with micro lab and medical terminology. Trying to make my GPA as high as possible at this point by post bacc classes
  6. yeah! I've called a couple schools but this was when I thought my gpa was a 3.54 when now it's not. I'm also mainly worried about how I took biochem twice and still didn't make an A and the fact that it was 5 credits just tanked my GPA
  7. @DarcyJ Thank you! Do you happen to know any schools that use alternative GPAs?
  8. So I just calculated my CASPA gpa which is completely different than my institutional GPA. My institutional GPA was much higher at 3.54 compared to the CASPA GPA which is a 3.38 overall and 3.18 science. One of the main reasons is due to my school being on a A+ system whereas CASPA does not accept A+ I still have not taken anatomy and physiology and med terminology which is I do, my GPA would be 3.42 and 3.20 assuming I make an A in both. My C's are as below Intro to Gen Psych- C, But I made an A(A+) in Abnormal Psych Principles of Bio- C+ Organic Chem 1 and 2- C Biochem- D, retook it and made a C (This class was also 5 credits at my school) All my other classes are A's and B's I have been working since my sophmore year, I was in retail for 2, medical scribe for 2 I have also taken a medical mission trip and shadowed. I'm also volunteering at a free clinic. What would you guys recommend? Should I retake all of these classes or some of them? The biochem grade really doesn't look well, but I actually know the material even though the grade does not show it, I'm just afraid to retake it a 3rd time since it may not look good as it is. Is there anything else that you guys recommend?
  9. @SHU-CH Hi Chris, I was also wondering if the higher grades was taken. Such as if a C was made in intro to psych but an A was earned in abnormal psych. I was also wondering if you could give any information about an idea candidate such as GPA and HCE such as if there was an ideal GPA that was preferred more. Thank you so much!
  10. @Anachronist Thank you so much! I have been looking into those positions! They're just a bit difficult to actually land! I have an interview with a free clinic coming soon so I'm excited about that as well! @JD2012 Thank you for that advice as well! It really does help! I was more concerned about the hours but didn't put as much emphasis on the the LOR aspect of it! I will definitely work on that!
  11. I'm planning on applying to PA school the next cycle. I realize that I don't have many direct patient hours so I wanted to become a medical assistant. I quickly learned that regardless of which path I choose, it takes about 8-12 months to even become certified and this doesn't even guarantee and job. How can I get around this? I'm currently a medical scribe and have been for a year and a half. The staff lets us do MA stuff but this is not what our job description states. Would this be a problem when they are looking at my application. My caspa GPA has not been verified but I currently have a 3.4 (3.54 if you count one repeated class which was worth 5 credits unfortunately) So I know the best way to increase my odds is by gaining experience. Would you recommend I just get more scribe hours in different specialties (which is a favorable option) I was also going to shadow atleast 6 PAs in different specialties about 10-15 hours each. Are there any programs that are about 1-3 months that I can do so I can gain that experience and not waste a whole another year?
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