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  1. ByGraceAlone

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Hey guys! For those that have interviewed already or current students, do you have any interview day tips? What is the interview day like and what's the interview style like? I'd tremendously appreciate any and all advice!
  2. Haha that's super understandable, hoping for great news!
  3. Oh okay, the GA campus usually has a quick turnaround for notification of acceptance/waitlist status. As for the Philly campus (and GA campus), I'm pretty sure their interview season runs til February so remain encouraged.
  4. Congratulations!! I second everything above, just be yourself literally. You've already met their paper qualifications and they definitely see something in you to offer an interview. So just go in confident and don't let nerves overwhelm you at all. (P.S. PCOM does a great job at relaxing the tense atmosphere)
  5. Thank you! And yes they correspond with you about their decision via mail following an interview. Have you interviewed at both of their campuses?
  6. Thank you! I was just looking through those but was hoping to find something a bit cheaper.
  7. For any current or incoming students, do you all know of reasonably priced & close to campus places to live in the area?
  8. Thank you so much! I got a letter in the mail!
  9. Just accepted from the 10/18 interview!! God is GOOD!
  10. ByGraceAlone

    Morehouse PA Program

    Did you mean 2000? Lol
  11. So it’s individual interviews and not groups?
  12. For those that have already interviewed, what is PCOM’s interview style like? Is it MMI or individual? And also do they have you file open during the interview or is it a blind interview? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to deal with my nervousness Lol
  13. ByGraceAlone

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Augusta's website states that an applicant must have "Observed physician assistants in a variety of PA clinical settings (more than two) with a suggested minimum of 100 hours." Does anyone know if they are particularly strict on having observed more than 2 PAs? Or would only 1-2 PAs still be okay?
  14. ByGraceAlone

    Meharry School of Medicine

    Their deadline for submission has changed to March 2019, and the first class will not matriculate until January 2020.

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