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  1. I’m currently in process of trying to decide between the doctoral of clinical medicine program at Lynchburg college and LMU. Wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on their experiences so far in one of the above programs. Seems like LMU is a bit longer and more clinically focused.
  2. Thank you for the info. I read your post , very helpful. Right now I’m researching the possibility of applying for the PA to DO bridging program at LECOM or pursuing a PSy D degree. obviously PsyD would be less time. Going the DO route I think I would plan to also pursue psychiatry. Any thoughts on either of these options. I obvisouly what to go the route that will open the most doors and will help with career advancement. And salary increase would also be nice.
  3. Wondering if any PAs have decided to further their education and have gone on to medical school. I’m aware of bridging programs out there ( ie LECOM) . I’m 34 and contemplating applying to a bridging programs. Any words of wisdom? Would appreciate hearing others experiences who may have completed this transition in their career.
  4. Wondering if any PAs have decided to further their education and obtain a doctoral degree? If so, what doctoral degree did you obtain and how are you utilizing it?
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