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  1. Thanks. I appreciate all the advice. From my time observing PTAs and also STNA/ CNAs, the later seemed to have more physical labor. Most of my time has been spent in SNF as an artist providing a program for the most severe cases. I have EDS so I just have to be careful, but I am functioning. Since I don’t know how much time I have before things really start to fall apart, I hope I can experience working in healthcare soon in a capacity that fits me well. If only I knew how fascinating science is sooner! ?
  2. Thanks for all the input and advice. I’m waiting to see if I have been admitted to the PTA program. If not, I will just focus on finishing a bachelor. It would be hard for me to do the more physical work of CNA as I have cervical issues, so PTA seemed like a good way to get the PCE.
  3. Thanks for the feedback so far. I’ve emailed one program that is in my area (it’s brand new) and await a response. I’ve read so many people strongly advise CNA or EMT that it seems anything else would be be sub-par.
  4. Quick stats: I'm 42, have 4 kids to support, currently applying to a PTA program so I can be working in healthcare sooner than later. I have no previous degree. I am already completing pre-req's for PTA and it would take more time to switch to something else like RT, but I want to start working in a setting that will help me gain the best experience. I've read mixed opinions on PTA for HCE/PCE requirement, so wondering where I find info on what PA schools really think of PTA experience. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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