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  1. It took a few days before I got my email. If you want to make sure everything is fine log into your discover Drexel account that they should have provided you when you applied. That will show your status.
  2. You have the option to do a tour of the campus which I recommend because they answer questions you have which does last till about the full time. It’s optional though!
  3. I interviewed on Nov. 30th and got an acceptance call yesterday!!!
  4. I was wait listed from the 10/25 interview session. Took about two weeks for them to send the letter in the mail.
  5. Hoping they start calling this week! Would really love an acceptance before my next interview on Friday Hope everyone in my boat is hanging in there! You are NOT alone
  6. I interviewed last year in February and was placed on the waitlist at Drexel. I am now on my second attempt at applying and have an interview this week at Drexel so I say there is no harm in waiting it out!
  7. I just received my interview invite for the St. Pete campus. The interview in on 1/18. Does anyone know if the class is already full and I would be interviewing for the waitlist? Also, for those who have interviewed how many others were in your interview?
  8. Who all from the dual degree program has gotten a call? Still waiting patiently...
  9. Hello everyone, I was offered an interview for Thursday the 25th. I was given short notice but I live in Jacksonville, FL so not too far. Anyone else have an interview for this day? I am looking for any additional advice from those who have interviewed as to what to expect. ?
  10. Received my interview offer for September 11th! ? Any advice on what to expect? Oh and I applied July 30th and received the email on August 1st.
  11. I have not received a call yet letting me know if I was accepted or not. Hope I did not miss any calls. Let me know if you have!
  12. I interviewed in November and I just heard back this past Friday. I have been waitlisted. Good luck!
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