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  1. I just gave up my interview spot. I hope someone will get the invite soon. Best of luck everyone!!
  2. I received my acceptance yesterday via email. I am non CMU alumni. I don’t think they are done sending acceptance letters yet.
  3. I recently declined my interview spot. I hope this will open up a spot for someone who is waiting for an interview. Best of luck!!
  4. I am coming from GR Michigan, 1 hour and 30mins away. If you worry about lodging there are plenty of hotels near Grand Rapids that are decent pricing. I am sure there are hotel available by Mt Pleasant as well. Safe trip to those traveling from far distance.
  5. Non alumni, just got the interview offer for Nov. 12 as well. Hope to meet everyone interviewing that day!!
  6. Congratulations to everyone accepted, I will see all my fellow classmates this January!! My top choice for sure!
  7. Hi everyone, I also just received invite interview for the New Jersey campus in August. I hope to meet everyone. I believe there is more interview invite.
  8. @pk325 I overall felt my interview went well. However, like @DarcyJ I too felt that I could do somethings different. But then again, there is no perfect response. I think the group interview was a bit challenging just the fact of interacting with so many candidates at the same time and finding the right balance to some of the tougher questions. I did enjoy my interview a bit too much ?
  9. I don’t think they require GRE scores. @Lukeh205 I think it is still early, and I don’t think they are done with interview invite yet.
  10. @PAschoollove That sounds like a good plan. Let’s touch base a few weeks before the interview! October seems like so far away ?
  11. @PAschoollove I am from Michigan, and you? If there is more individuals interviewing that day, I am interested in meeting everyone before the interview.
  12. Hi everyone, I also got an interview invite today! I was quite surprise and honestly did not expect it. @PAschoollove which interview sessions did you pick? Mine will be on 10/12/18.
  13. Hi everyone, I received interview invite earlier for October. Hope to meet everyone one that will be there that day!!
  14. Hi everyone, I have declined my spot in the program for this late summer. I hope someone who is waiting will get the seat. Congrats to those got accepted and best of luck. I met some awesome folks during the interview.
  15. Hi everyone, I scheduled my interview for the 14th, but my flight is late Friday night. Otherwise, I would love to meet all my fellow future PA classmates. I know this process is very hard for people who are waiting to hear answer, but honestly, everything will workout in the end and you will get to where you are meant to go. Sounds cliche but I feel is true. I hope to meet everyone that is there on the 14th. @jmtam thanks for your positive input my fellow Michigander - I don’t need to be a squirrel to like pistachios.
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