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  1. It is from the unsubsidized Stafford loan. Any recommendation on private loans to pay for the rest of the expenses?
  2. Hello! I will be starting PA school in Boston in late August. I recently received my financial aid package. It stated that I will be receiving $49,000 in aid for tuition/fees, but that I should expect to spend total of $74,000 for all total expenses. This means I need to take out a separate private loan to pay for things like housing, food, transportation, etc. Does anyone know of any low interest loans for students that can be used for these expenses? Thanks!
  3. I was just accepted off the waitlist!! Im in shock especially since it’s so late in the game, but this is my dream school so I’ll definitely be attending!!
  4. Just checked the portal and I was accepted after the 10/4 interview!! I am so excited!!
  5. Nothing yet... today marks 3 weeks since the 10/4 interview so Im hoping we’ll hear by the end of today! Im so nervous I keep checking my email/portal every 5 minutes!!!
  6. Does anyone from 10/4 know when we might start hearing back from admissions?
  7. Just put my deposit down! Where is the link for the facebook group?
  8. Interview day was very laid back! We started with a program introduction, then had lunch with current students, then broke up into groups. Groups took turns doing a campus tour, group interview, writing sample, and individual interviews. Overall, it was a great experience! Just relax and be yourself! I loved the program and I am certainly crossing my fingers for some good news!
  9. Also placed on a waitlist! Good luck everyone and congrats to those who were accepted!
  10. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  11. Does anyone know what the structure of the interviews is going to be like?
  12. HUGE congrats to everyone that has been accepted! What an amazing accomplishment! Would any of you mind sharing how you prepared for the interview? Also, how many people are there in each interview session?
  13. From what I understand it is more of an 'administrative' probation, not an actual issue with the program itself. The original founder and program director has since returned and is working on getting their accreditation back on track. From what I've seen, it is truly an impressive program and does a great job at preparing students for the PANCE and to be great PAs, so I don't forsee them having a problem with getting off of probation.
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