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  1. Hey, current student here! I was definitely bummed about the dress code initially too, I imagined being in scrubs or comfy clothes all day long and was most definitely about comfort in undergrad. We do have casual/scrub Fridays (and Mondays in the summer), so you do get a break from it every week. I get why they do it, our campus is all professional programs and there are times where you'll see some questionable fashion choices because not all programs have a dress code. When rotations come around, business casual/professional will be a reality so I think the idea is to have us prepared for that now. Personally, I don't think that the dress code has impacted my sleep or studying (PA school and my intense desire to procrastinate take care of that for me haha). Really, I get up a little earlier and use my morning routine as a bit of personal time. I like to watch game shows and trash TV while I do my makeup and make coffee. You kinda get a rotation of outfits and things you like to wear so it isn't really a huge struggle. However, if you feel that it would be a huge negative impact on your life that is something you shouldn't ignore completely. Think about each of the programs and how you felt while you were there and go with wherever you thought was the best fit for you! I'm sure you can't go wrong either way, but if you have any more questions about the program feel free to reach out!
  2. I used to work at Zoom+ as an MA (Am currently attending the MWU Glendale PA Program). I feel like it was a hate it or love it situation. It's VERY corporate, and providers have very little ability to effectively enact any sort of change of the many concerns that they have on a day to day basis. Most providers work the "+Care" service line which is essentially acute/urgent care, while there are some more specialized positions (Derm and ER - last time I worked there anyways). I myself want to move back to Portland after school, but I absolutely would not want to work there as a first job. There's no on site supervision and it is very fast paced if you're at a busier clinic (15 min appts x 25/day). The schedule is pretty good and the pay is competitive, but it definitely comes with challenges. My best advice: Read the glassdoor reviews and believe them. If you can see yourself working through all the challenges then you may be a good fit. They were just acquired by hospital (PeaceHealth) so changes are afoot I'm sure. So put that on your radar as well
  3. Hey guys! I've seen a lot of questions about an official FB page for accepted students. I'm a current student (Class of 2020) and plan on talking to the admin of our page about the details of when to add new members or create the new page after our Thanksgiving break. I love seeing all of the enthusiasm, excitement and positive energy on this thread so I like to check in on it whenever I get the chance. If you have any questions that you feel I may be able to answer please feel free to post it here or shoot me a direct message Best of luck to you all!
  4. Hi! I was in your exact position last year! It was my one (and only) interview, and I did end up getting accepted and am currently in my second term of school (which is so wild to me!). Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely nervous! But I like to look at interviews as a chance to show the interviewers who I am. I think part of what makes that easier is to be confident that you are deserving of your interview. They saw your stats, read your personal statement and it made them excited to meet you. Now is your chance to show them why you’d be a good fit for the program! So many people regret not showing their personality, so think about that and just enjoy the day! There was a huge chance I wouldn’t get in, but I knew either way I was gaining something. If it doesn’t work out this time, you’ll learn a ton for next cycle! But that’s not to say you won’t nail it in one shot ?
  5. I just received my award letter today. I basically got the max that I requested. $20,500 In stafford loans, and the rest in Grad PLUS loans. Helloooooo debt ;)
  6. SPLopez11

    MWU Interview

    Hi! I interviewed on December 4th and overall it was an awesome experience! You'll get there around 7:45AM and the day ended at about 1:15-1:30PM. When you arrive they'll put the applicants in a big room and you have about 15-20 minutes to chat before going into the introduction/welcome. Our group was on the bigger side from what I heard (25 or so) but don't let that stress you out! After that, you'll get assigned a group for your interview (3 to a group) and certain groups will start with a campus tour while others go straight into a group interview. I don't really remember the specific questions but it will be a mix of questions directly related to the experience listed on your CASPA application, why you like Midwestern, why you like the PA profession, what's going on with the PA profession today and maybe even a silly question (If you could have a super power what would it be? etc.). My absolute best advice to you is to relax, take a breath and be yourself. The interview process is just an opportunity to show the faculty who you are. My panel was really easy to talk to, they really do make an effort to put you at ease. Don't get me wrong, I was definitely a little nervous but just don't let the nerves take over! I ended up getting in (they got back to us super quick - 2 days after interviews!) I hope to see you when classes start! Good luck and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions :)
  7. I interviewed on 12/4 and got an acceptance call in the morning on 12/06. Good luck!!
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