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  1. Hello everyone, So, long story short, I am a sophomore undergraduate student who is currently taking three upper-level science classes, among other non-science courses this semester. Last semester, my academic advisor actually told me that it may have been too heavy of a course load for me, because I am currently taking 15 credit hours and I did not think that it was going to be too difficult for me, but now as the semester is approaching to the end, I am now able to see why she warned me against doing it. The good news(?) is that it is very unlikely that I will get a C or lower in any of my classes, but I may get 2 or 3 B's this semester which will drop my cumulative GPA of 3.7. I should also mention that this semester, I have started getting a lot more active in my community by enhancing my extracurriculars, including becoming an educational docent at our local zoo, volunteering at a thrift shop/food pantry, shadowing a PA and earning my CPR/AED certification as well, all during this semester! I am just worried about how that would look on my application and how it would affect my chances of getting accepted because admissions councils like seeing growth in GPA throughout the students' 4 years in college and this may make me seem like a less competitive applicant. I do not know how my GPA will be at the end of the semester, but this will definitely be a learning experience for me to make me plan how to better balance my extracurriculars and my science-heavy course schedules from hereon out. Thanks in advance for any answers and/or advice that you give!
  2. Thank you all for the answers! Hopefully, those programs would understand. Also to answer that question, it's not that I don't want to contact the schools, it's just that I figured coming on here would be a lot quicker and easier than to contact each school individually, as well as listening to different inputs from PA students who might have been in the same situation...
  3. Hello again! I was just wondering real quick, I have recently been looking through prerequisites of different PA and other medical programs and one thing I've seen in common with the vast majority of them near my area is that they require taking two semesters of "College Mathematics". One course which was recommended to fill this requirement was College Algebra or above, which I have already taken and I am not worried about it because I know it is taught by our university's math department. However, for my degree plan, there are three different "statistics" courses to choose from, and they are Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Biostatistics, and Experimental Design and Data Analysis, but the first choice is the one that my advisor said that fulfills the Statistics requirements that medical programs ask for the best. I am still a bit skeptical about it because although it's a statistics course, it is administered by the psychology department instead of the math department. So my question is, without contacting the admissions offices of different PA and medical programs, do you think the Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences course will help to fulfill the "College Mathematics" requirement even though it is not taught by our math department? Thanks in advance for those who answer back! EDIT: I should also mention that there are statistics courses taught by the math department, but they are upper-level (300-400 level at my university) statistics courses that go well beyond introductory-level statistics...
  4. UPDATE: Our grades have gotten uploaded and it turns out I actually did make a B in Organic Chemistry, and I am really happy because of it!!! Thank you all again for the advice though, and I will keep them in mind for next semester!
  5. Hello there, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that all of my classes have basically gotten finalized and I have A's in most of them, including labs! The bad news, however, is that the only class I will not get an A in is Organic Chemistry, and right now I am on the border between a B and a C in that class and I am very anxious because my final exam is in a couple days and I am worried because I understand that a C will not look good on a transcript when applying to medical programs (I plan on becoming either a PA or PT). I am also a sophomore and my overall cumulative GPA is 3.66 and my science GPA is 3.53 so far. If I do end up getting a C, should I retake the class or not? Thanks in advance for those who answer!
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