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  1. I applied to four schools last cycle and got an interview at each of them. I accepted an admissions offer and start PA school this year. I think that my success was largely due to my personal statement because I didn't have much PCE and I was still in undergrad when I applied. I know CASPA opened recently and I would love to help look over some personal statements and offer general advice. Sometimes it's good to have a new pair of eyes glance at it before submission. Message me if you want me to read over yours!
  2. I got the email as well and I followed the steps to set up the eRaider account but I don't think it ever gave me the option to complete the process so I couldn't sign in even though I created a password. I emailed itsolutions and they said they put in a work order and will be looking into fixing it. They said they accidentally signed me up for TTU not TTUHSC. Idk what to think now since the consensus here is that the emails were a mistake. I guess we just wait!
  3. I just got an email saying “Thank you for your application to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Physician Assistant program.” And “You have indicated that you will take and finish the following prerequisites by May 2020...” they said to send in summer course grades ASAP and that interviews will be extended on a rolling basis. Did anyone else get this? Is this a good sign?
  4. wow! I am a sophomore, so I'm still a while away from applying but I have been worried about my lack of hours. TTU is one of my top choices, would you say that they are more focused on other parts of your app instead of experience? What's your secret? haha!
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