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  1. Selling my uworld subscription, expiring Feb. 5th 2022, it does not have a renewal, but used under 30% of the questions. Selling for 140 Please pm if interested
  2. Looking for uworld subscription, even if only a few wks left
  3. Hi, Please let me know if either of the 2 are available
  4. Looking to buy uworld subscription, preferable with reset, and expiring end aug/sept. Thanks!
  5. Wow, thank you everyone for your encouragement, it's so helpful! I do want to stay, I've put so much into this and I want to graduate, but it's hard to imagine being gone for so many hours. It does vary by school I'm sure, my program does not let us have any say about our rotation sites or choices. I know this is super subjective, but have your guys found that preceptors were pretty understanding about not keeping students for hours on end? @dk10977 Thank you so much for your post, it means a lot coming from a fellow mom! Kudos to you for doing this with 3 kids! Why did you find that clinicals were so much better than didactic? I'm so much happier now during this COVID situation, being able to be home all day while taking the classes online. My child is only 1.5 yo, and will definitely not remember. However I will remember missing out on so much When children are this young, so much happens in their development in just a year.
  6. I am finishing up didactic year of PA school, and am honestly thinking of quitting. My grades are great, but I just dread clinical year. I have a child (I'm the mom), and found it extremely hard being gone all day during didactic year - but I would usually come home at around 4 or 5 and spend time with my family, then study after everyone was asleep. Unfortunately I didn't consider the hours of clinical rotations before applying to school, and I didn't realize how much being away from my child would affect me. I was already nervous about this before starting school, but decided to just push myself into it. I'm hearing students talk about 5 12 hour shifts in the hospital, or surgery rotations that start at 5 am and end at 7 pm. I would never see my child! besides for potentially even missing weekends! I don't know who to turn to, my advisor is not very understanding or helpful. I want to continue, and would be devastated to quit. Besides for not having the degree, the amount of money I spent on tuition...I just can't fathom missing an entire year of my child's life.
  7. @hbanninger Thank you so much for your input, it's really helpful to hear from a mom who went through school with an infant! I know she won't really miss me, and that's why I prefer to just go through it now. But I feel badly for myself that I'll be missing out on her baby years. But I'm really glad to hear that you were able to at least spend the evening with your baby! Also reassuring to hear that you didn't need to spend the entire weekend studying. Unfortunately, there's only two others in my class with children, and theirs are older. @Zoeyw Thank you for your words of encouragement! If not for my husband I honestly would not be going through with this. What'll I need to work on is enjoying the little time I'll have with my baby and not be thinking the whole time about the time I don't have
  8. Thank you so much all that replied! It is very encouraging to hear from students that went through school with children and succeeded! @MT2PA Exactly, that is what I tell myself every time I think about deferring. And I assume an older child would be more of a distraction and sleep less. @acceptedtopaschool123 I am going through exactly what you described, constantly feeling guilty and sad about leaving my baby! Nervous about having time to pump, nervous about being tired from breastfeeding, nervous about baby being sick while I'm in school or teething and being up all night etc. I know I want to attend school, I've worked so hard for the past 5 years I can't let go of my dream. I'm starting school in two weeks and I cry every day thinking about how I'll be missing out on my baby's first two years. Thankfully I do have good family support in town, my mom will be watching baby twice a week and I'll have a babysitter the rest of the time. My husband will be working full time, but he'll leave a bit earlier to be able to take care of dinner and some housework. I'm trying to keep myself positive, telling myself that I'll dedicate at least 2 hours a day (unless there's exams) to my baby and husband. Is that doable? My program is mostly 8-4:30. I'm hearing from several PA students that the school is brutal, all they did was study, and barely got any sleep. Would appreciate any encouragement that it is not the case. I know there will be times when I'll need to study more than others, but for the most part can I get away with 2 hours of studying a night? Any scheduling tips or things that would be helpful for me to take care of before the program starts? I'm trying to stock up on household essentials, and writing down dinner ideas.
  9. Hi Everyone, I am so so grateful that I finally got in to my first choice PA school, but am not feeling very torn about my decision to attend. I just had my first child (found out I was pregnant right after applying) who will be three months old at program start. I have support from my husband and family, but I am so nervous about the experience negatively affecting my marriage and my mental health. Will I be able to manage studying and spending some time with my baby and husband? I really just want to start school already, but I'm starting to second guess myself that maybe I should defer for a year. I'm feeling sad about missing out so much of my daughter's early life, nervous I won't do well academically, and scared that I will be constantly stressed out. I'm looking for advice, encouragement, anything! Sorry for rambling....
  10. Hi, for anyone whose interviewed so far: In your experience was the interview really 7-8 hours, and was there any part that I could potentially get around to make the time shorter if I would need to leave earlier. Are the actual interviews before everything else?
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