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  1. My scroll finally came back and I will be officially commissioning into the army as a 1st Lt on January 16th!
  2. Haha original timeline didnt work out but it is progressing I got approved by the army's medical board so I have my slot as a 1st Lt but I am still waiting on getting my "scroll" which is a document that basically needs secretary of defense approval signed before I can schedule my DCC in Oklahoma. Hopefully I wont be waiting too much longer but the army's unofficial moto is "hurry up and wait" so there's that. No matter what I'm still looking forward to serving!
  3. Hey guys I graduated 2 weeks ago and just took the PANCE today. I have been working on my direct commissioning packet with my Army Medical Recruiter for about 5 months now. I have already attended MEPS, attended it during my last rotation when I had a weekend off, and now all that I am waiting on is for my results from the NCCPA to come back. Highly encourage you to reach out to Medical Recruiters specifically those who have helped PAs commision in the past. He has been a tremendous help and has streamlined the whole process. Anyway my recruiter gave me a rough timeline. Graduate an
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