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  1. Interviewed 11/23 and received an email this afternoon.
  2. I just got an email 12 12:01 from Shonna. I had called and left VMs and emails though because I had another acceptance that was due today so I was in a bad position to keep waiting.
  3. Thanks for sharing and congrats! I'm sure the timing was a lot of it, that's just unfortunate because I was taking a summer class at their university and waiting on grades to submit with a full app. They could have seen my grade in the class regardless but needed the transcript. My experience was at Rose Medical Center, Valley View Hospital and various SNF's, so all locally recognized hospitals!
  4. Received a notice of rejection today as well. Applied toward the end of the cycle but none the less disappointing. Can people who were accepted or interviewed share stats if comfortable? I thought I was competitive with GRE scores of 153, 157 and a 4.5. Over 5000 hrs HCE and 4300 hrs PCE as a licensed occupational therapist. Undergrad GPA 3.89, Graduate GPA 3.9, Overall science 3.89. 40 hrs shadowing, and some older volunteer work. LOR from 2x MD, 1 PA an 1 RN. Certified OT, yoga teacher, cycle teacher and acroyoga teacher, BLS and CPR.
  5. I am planning to apply during the 2018 cycle but have to finish completing pre-reqs. Wondering from those who have experience, is microbio or bio chem more difficult? I took AP chem in high school (years ago), will take Ochem this coming semester but want to couple it with either micro or biochem to get them done. Recommendations on the order to take them in would be helpful!
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