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  1. BrittLundy


    Same! Good luck to those still on the waitlist!
  2. BrittLundy

    11/1/18 Seattle Interview

    Congrats to you!!
  3. BrittLundy

    11/1/18 Seattle Interview

    Check your inbox ?
  4. BrittLundy

    11/1/18 Seattle Interview

    Girl, I was a 3 time applicant, 2 time interviewer. It will happen, just keep chugging along.
  5. BrittLundy

    Heritage University 2018-2019

    *Update* I just accepted an offer to my number one school! So I turned down the interview offer for Heritage. Hopefully this will open up a spot for another awesome and deserving candidate!!! Best of luck everyone
  6. BrittLundy

    11/1/18 Seattle Interview

    Yay, congrats Jenny! I’ll be seeing you this summer, can’t wait ?
  7. BrittLundy

    11/1/18 Seattle Interview

    Did you accept Annabelle!? I’m so excited, it’ll be an awesome group.
  8. BrittLundy

    11/1/18 Seattle Interview

    Got THE call this morning and I’m feeling beyond thankful and excited! Anyone else hear back?!
  9. BrittLundy

    11/1/18 Seattle Interview

    Yup, I think today is the day for phone calls!
  10. BrittLundy

    Heritage University 2018-2019

    Good luck to you as well!!!
  11. BrittLundy

    Heritage University 2018-2019

    My application was from last year. They unfortunately had their accreditation taken away right before my interview date in 2017.
  12. BrittLundy

    Heritage University 2018-2019

    Alllssooo, has anyone received any details about the interview day itself? Maria said she was planning on sending out the info by this last Monday, but I haven’t received anything.
  13. BrittLundy

    11/1/18 Seattle Interview

    Ugh, the anticipation is starting to kill me. Best of luck to everyone!!!
  14. BrittLundy

    Heritage University 2018-2019

    I will be at the interview on 11/17 as well! I will be staying in Yakima with friends the night before and would love to meet up for dinner. Let me know who all is interested and I can make a reservation somewhere!
  15. BrittLundy


    Nope. The person I spoke with was pretty general about the waitlist, unfortunately.

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