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  1. I have a few interviews in Mass and think it's wise to begin getting a license, as I'm likely to get a job offer. There seem to be an overwhelming number of requirements, and an immense lack of clarity regarding the process. The 2 biggest areas of confusion are 1) Mass Health: I tried applying for this, but it requires I put the location of my employer, which I don't have yet. Is it not possible to become licensed without a job? 2) CME: I followed the links for the Sexual Abuse and Pharmacy CMEs, and the Alzheimer's one appears to be fulfilled by having covered that material in clas
  2. Hello all, I am a new grad PA (PANCE in 2 weeks!!), and I'm interested in surgery, and dermatology. Unfortunately, I have been finding it impossible to even get a reply from potential employers. I selected SICU and Derm as my elective rotations (unfortunately derm was cancelled due to covid), as to make myself more attractive to employers. Every job is looking for people with experience. I'm applying to them anyway, but I'm getting basically immediately rejected. I've looked at surgical residencies, but they all require letters of rec from a surgical preceptor; and though I did well
  3. @dspa20 I live within an hour of campus so whenever you're around, I'd love to get to know everyone!
  4. I like "Medical Practitioner" quite a bit. It shows the provider is trained to practice medicine, without the possibility of getting confused for a Physician. Not to mention MP is similar to NP, which in terms of law, and general awareness of the public, is a good thing.
  5. Has anyone started the "Next Steps" process? Seems like a lot of it isn't available for the Spring Semester yet.
  6. They have hired a consultant to assist them, have already resolved most of the issues, and are confident they will resolve the rest without issue. That being said, if they do lose accreditation, all students already enrolled are eligible to sit for PANCE; they will be able to finish their education at MCPHS, or the school will help you transfer to another program if you chose.
  7. I mean, I guess it's better than getting a rejection.... I'm going crazy over here though; I'm checking my email every hour, haha
  8. Has anyone else still not heard anything yet? I'm really not sure how to feel about it.
  9. I'm not sure if I should be terrified because I haven't heard anything, or optimistic, since I've dodged a couple rounds of rejections.
  10. I just got wait-listed for an interview. Hoping some of y'all take acceptances into other programs so I have a shot here!
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