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  1. Hi everyone! I am a current GV PA student about to start my clinical year and I just wanted to offer some encouragement for those of you who were waitlisted for an interview. The same thing happened to me when I applied, but I received an interview spot about a week before interview day. I then got an acceptance letter shortly after (not even an actual waitlist)! So just remember the numbers on your application are not a full reflection of who you are or what kind of PA student you will be. Have hope and you got this! Best of luck to everyone applying!
  2. Hey everyone! The GVSU PA program just made an instagram page! Go follow it for fun updates about what the program is like!! @gvsupa
  3. Hello everyone! I am a current GV PA student and was in your shoes last year. A few pieces of advice 1) Do not stress about the interview! I would not say it is weird at all and is very relaxed. Unless you heard from a reliable source they recently changed the interview format, it is not an MMI. One session during they day they pull you into a room and simply ask you individually a few questions and are based around the common ones that you should be expecting to prepare for (time management, what is a PA, why do you want to be a PA....). There is an essay portion, but I really enjoyed that as the question wasn’t “difficult” and allowed me to show my personality on paper. You will also get a chance to meet with our program director and us (the students) to tour our facilities and learn about how we do things. Overall I felt very relaxed and comfortable, ultimately showing me why I wanted to attend! 2) If your school has a career center, I HIGHLY recommend scheduling a mock interview. I found this helpful to have someone listen and help correctly word your answers and get some nerves out. 3) if you are on the interview alternate list, don’t stress! I was on this list and a slot opened up for me last minute (like a week before the interview). After the interview I was accepted (not even waitlisted). So don’t let this discourage you! If being a PA truly is your end goal, you will get there one one day. Best of luck!
  4. For those that have been accepted, has there been a facebook group created yet? I'd love to connect with everyone!
  5. Hi! I accepted my position and will be in the class next year. There is no deposit required for GVSU. All you have to do is accept your spot by sending in a form!
  6. I also was just accepted!! I am so excited to attend my dream school next year!
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