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  1. Thanks for letting me know! Ill keep you updated with anything I find out.
  2. Hello all! Has anyone on the waitlist been accepted recently? Im thinking they filled all the spots!
  3. I am crossing my fingers as well! I got waitlisted. Wish we knew how many of us got waitlisted.
  4. Hello everyone! Just wanted to wish everyone good luck on preparing for the interview! What have y'all been doing to prepare?
  5. Hello! I am interviewing on 9/21, but they did send an itinerary I believe. Now that you mention it though, I cannot find it. So I would love to get sent one as well. Best, Brandon Foto
  6. Honestly, I do not know. It may be a good question for a current student. Do you know any?
  7. Thank you for sharing! I appreciate it a bunch. My interview is 9/21, so good luck!!
  8. Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well! A few questions... What kind of examples did yall use for the portion of the supplemental app where it asks "Do you meet this standard?" I finished it, but just wanted to make sure I wasnt misunderstanding what we were supposed to to there? For the FranU specific narrative statement, it asks, "Who is responsible for the management of the health and well-being of patients in all phases of life?" Is there supposed to be a specific answer to that? How long has y'alls narratives been? Good luck to everyone finishing this up! Let me know if I can be of assistance. Best, Brandon Foto
  9. I just got an email that says the interview invites will be sent out with the supplemental app. So, if you get an interview you have to do the app. Makes sense!
  10. Hey y'all! I submitted an additional personal statement in that section by talking about why I wanted to go to FranU in particular. That being said, it says it is only optional so you should be fine either way. I have not gotten the supplemental yet and do not know if everyone gets it or not. I am assuming most in not all of the applicants do, but I may be wrong! My PA forum account is being weird so I may have to create a new one. That being said, text me if anyone has any questions. We will be better served as a team of applicants than as sheer individuals not knowing what we are doing! Brandon Foto 9855029088
  11. Hello all! Just wanted to open a new thread for this application cycle. Everyone should by now have submitted their application for the verification process. My verification took about 10 days and now I am good to go! That being said, I am a little confused on the "personal statement" upload section of the specific program materials. Not sure what they want here and still am not sure after I contacted FranU. Has anyone run into this problem? Any other problems I can help with?
  12. Hello y'all! Hope everyone is enjoying their first year or so. I am applying for the class starting in January 2019. I am done with my essay, but wanted to ask about the "personal statement" part in the program materials section specific to FranU. What exactly are we supposed to put for the personal statement. It doesn't give a prompt or a question like the essay, so I am a little confused by the vagueness. Best, Brandon Foto
  13. Hello again, Would you happen to know any PAs in south Louisiana that I could shadow? Im having an issue finding shadow opportunities!
  14. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Then why does FranU simply say 80 hours is competitive? That it really misleading.
  15. Hello all! I am going to be applying for the PA class starting in 2019. Can anyone give me a ballpark answer on how much patient experience is needed? I have 520 hours patient contact and 160 PA shadow hours. The website only says 80 is competitive but I thought it must be much more than that!
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