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  1. I was just accepted into PA school. I am seeking the advice of PA moms. I’m about to turn 31 and I want to have children soon. However, I am concerned about how PA school will affect this. Two years of PA school and year of working puts me at about 34 before I can have kids. I have a family history of infertility so I am not willing to put kids off too late. Having children is more important to me than being a PA. My husband makes enough money for us to live comfortably without me working. I am considering not going to PA school all together because I am scared that it will be too overwhelming. I do not have a lot of family support, so I would have to hire outside help when I work. How hard is it to have kids and be a new grad? The main reason I was attracted to the PA profession is because I heard it was flexible and had good work/life balance. I am beginning to feel that this profession is not nearly flexible enough for a new-mom/new-grad. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  2. I interviewed 9/14 and received a letter that I've been placed on the alternate list. I've been accepted somewhere else that is a better fit and have asked to be removed from the list. Good luck to everyone!
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