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  1. Hello! I don't think this will effect their decision at all! I know many people in my current class that were taking a class during interview season and I was accepted without one of the core classes. Luckily I had spring to make that class up! Hope this helps!
  2. You will always get a call before the portal changes! But once you are accepted, it will of course say "Congratulations" and you'll have a ton of tasks to complete and they will walk you through everything! If you get a rejection I don't think the site looks any different. Hope this helps!
  3. I can tell you that only about 4 people in our class are SDA; we all come from different backgrounds. They do a great job of forming a good class so trust the process!
  4. Hello all! My name is Nicole and I am a current student at Loma Linda class of 2020. I’m co-vice president and I wanted to introduce myself and help you guys out however I can! The president and I have started a FB group for all accepted students, just search “Loma Linda University physician assistant class of 2021”. Congratulations if you have got in already and if you haven’t heard back, don’t freak out! There is still so much time! please feel free to ask me anything!
  5. Me too lady! I start my class on the 5th though! Exactly the same mentality for me too! I'm so glad you got in! I told you, I knew you would!! We will be fine I just know it!
  6. No they actually called last Friday the 19th! I have just been processing, haha
  7. Got accepted! I have a class I'm taking this spring so unless that goes terribly wrong (which it won't :D) I will be with you all in the fall! I interviewed with @RRAtoPA and @bmccullough! For anyone still waiting, it could happen at any time!
  8. Congrats to everyone who got in! Especially you David! Trying to stay positive! During the interview they said the majority will be told in February, so for everyone who hasn’t heard yet let’s not despair! Hope everyone has happy holidays!
  9. I’m from the north San Fernando Valley so that might be a little far for me! Also since i work until 7 pm the night before but I’m so excited to meet you all!
  10. I have an interview for 12/1 at 8am too! Not sure if i can meet the night prior. Where do you all live?
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