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  1. I really hope so :) Mrs Mealer had told me we would all hear by January and others were told differently, so honestly I don’t think anyone has the right answer/response. I would just wait for official letters to be sent. That’s really the only way we will know for certain.
  2. I didn’t ask but I’m pretty sure it just depends on the number of students accepted that plan to attend UTRGV. I’m sure some have received multiple invitations. So once those seats open up they will probably go down the alternate list. How that is ordered or how many are on that list I do not know. Good luck to you both. Someone said there were acceptances up to few weeks before classes started last year so remain positive!!
  3. Really not sure whether to share or not but 2nd year student told me that the class has already been filled. :( Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted and good luck to those on alternate list ?
  4. Not sure. I heard some had but I believe it was early on because they didn’t meet the minimum requirements to apply and/or didn’t apply to grad school as well. If Mrs Mealer was sending out waitlist on Saturday and acceptances on Wednesday I’m sure rejections are coming soon ? I’m still wondering if there are any available seats remaining.
  5. So does that mean the seats have all been filled? Anyone else get alternate /waitlisted?
  6. No, I don’t believe they would do that. I suppose that is based on whatever the “condition” is. I was just asking about rejection letters. I’m sure you’re good! Congrats and good luck! ?
  7. I heard some people have received rejection letters already. Has anyone heard this or received one?
  8. I think those of us who have already interviewed are all anxiously waiting. I have great stats and have yet to hear anything since interviewing on the 16th of October. Either way. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday with friends and family!!
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