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  1. Has anyone from the waitlist been notified of acceptance yet? Any general timeframe in which that is supposed to occur?
  2. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! I will definitely remain hopeful!
  3. I just received an email that I was waitlisted ?
  4. Still waiting to hear back on 0ct 2 interview. I expect that we will not hear anything back until mid October.
  5. When I asked last week, they sort of insinuated that all of their spots have been filled and that it’s unlikely that they would pick anyone off of the active list this year.
  6. Oh and do you guys mind sharing your academic profile to see how others stack up for the program? (i.e. cumulative GPA and science GPA, medical experience, accolades).
  7. Congrats Conmid! Was this your number 1 pick? Did you apply anywhere else? Intend to accept or wait for other options? Lastly, how large was the interview group?
  8. Hey guys. I heard there was an interview on 1/26 and just wanted to see how everyone did. Did they give you an estimated date for acceptance/rejection notifications?
  9. To answer@bluegrey: Essentially, provisional accreditation is no different than normal accreditation and if you graduate during this time, it is no different than graduating under any other fully accredited program. It was explained to us during the interview that they are under provisional status until they provide enough info to show that they meet national standards, which typically takes a few graduating classes to compile enough data. For this reason, they are constantly performing data analysis to ensure compliance with the accrediting authority's regulations. I believe that they should be ending their provisional status soon, but do not quote me on that. All in all, you have nothing to worry about. Once you graduate, you get to take the PANCE, just as you would with any other institution. Lynchburg's provisional status is not probationary and is not a negative reflection on the program or college. Hope this helps!
  10. Hey guys! I was interviewed last month and was put on the active waiting list. The beginning of the day starts with an informative overview of the program and its history. You will be introduced to some of the staff and students and be given a tour of the facility in small groups. In the meantime, they will call people for interviews, which are relatively short. There were three interviews in total, each comprising of 2-3 staff members and deans. By the end of the interviews, you should have been interviewed by just about everyone teaching the curriculum. The interviews are short and concise and ask relatively generic questions. In between exercises there is a lot of down time, which is a great opportunity to talk to some of the students to get some personal incite into Lynchburg's program. At the end, everyone is broken into groups to partake in a simple exercise, and then return for a brief concluding statement and Q&A. I don't want to divulge too much about the interviews or exercises, but I hope this helps. It was my first interview this year and I was really nervous, but I really liked the staff. I hope you guys do great! Let us know how you did! Most people heard back from Lynchburg within a week if they were accepted. Don't expect to hear anything back for a few weeks otherwise.
  11. I applied extremely late.... It was probably a waste of money but I thought I would go ahead and throw in my application. I have a 3.5 GPA average, 12,000 paid patient care hours earned as a corpsman in the U.S. military, undergrad is in public health. I applied Nov 28th.
  12. Unfortunately, I was denied without an interview. 3.5 gpa average, 12,000 hours of medical experience while in the military.
  13. Does anyone know if they are still holding interview dates or how many seats are still available? I applied relatively late, around the beginning of September, so I figured I would be pretty far back on their list. I was notified that they received my application, but I haven't heard anything else.
  14. I messaged the East Falls campus, they stated they are still reviewing applicants and have only recently moved on to August applications. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting on hearing back!
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