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  1. @pa17 I applied in September and I havent heard anything back either. 😔
  2. I got an email today in regards to the standby list. It just gave more information about what it was and how it would proceed for people in the standby list. It said that as of today, they have interviewed 250+ students, and 30 people are on the standby list. Class size is 50. The standby list is unranked.
  3. @Cbrutts have you been placed on waitlist for those 3 ? Lets not lose hopes! We got this
  4. I interviewed in three programs and all of them have waitlisted me. I was wondering if I could get any advice of what to do next? Send them an email in regards to my status in the waitlist? I dont have an acceptance yet and it worries me that I will have to apply a third time.
  5. I am still waiting to hear from the Bay Shore campus. My application in CASPA was completed and verified on October 20th.
  6. I think a ranked list is above the waitlist. From the email of the ranked list: "Once all seats are filled, the remaining candidates will be waitlisted." and it also sounds more promising than the waitlisted email. Good luck to you all!
  7. Yes.. in the portal. During interviews.. thenother applicants were waitlisted the previous year.. But I'll stay positive and have my hopes high! Good luck! @hannars
  8. Received an email of my application status today. Waitlisted. Interviewed 11/20.
  9. @loftysea I think I am beneath you. "While we are not able to extend a seat to you at this date, based to the high quality of your application we have placed you on a waitlist with the hope that an opening may later become available. This waitlist will be maintained until every seat in the program is filled by a qualified candidate. "
  10. I got waitlisted too
  11. Nothing so far.
  12. Has anyone gotten a rejection letter yet? I havent heard from the program since I submitted the application. Reading the story of @NathanBrownScienceClown Makes me think that is is a no from the school. Dont get me wrong, the waiting game for this school is over. Congrats to everyone accepted. Im still waiting to get accepted into a school.
  13. I interviewed 11/8. I sent them an email today. This is what they replied: "I am working with the Admissions Committee is getting the decisions out by the end of the month. Thanks so much for your patience throughout this process! Suzana" It is almost the end of this month though. *fingers crossed*
  14. @CKPA Thank you!! I will submit my application and I hope to get an interview! Good luck everyone applying.