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  1. Gave up my seat because I was accepted to my top choice. I hope this opens opportunities to other applicants. Good luck!!
  2. Lilyofthevalley16

    Cycle 2017-2018

    Received a call today! Offered me a seat! Now Im off the waitlist! There is still hopes guys!! Dont give up!
  3. Lilyofthevalley16

    2017-2018 Cycle

    Congratulations! I havent heard anything. :( I wonder how many from the standby list got accepted?
  4. I got a rejection email in the mail after the interview. Good luck everyone and congrats to those accepted!
  5. Lilyofthevalley16

    2017-2018 Cycle

    Mr. Walsh sent an email recently that there is "little movement" on the list, but nothing major.
  6. Lilyofthevalley16

    2017-2018 Cycle

    Anyone had news about the standby list? Anyone accepted from the standby list?
  7. Lilyofthevalley16

    DeSales University: 2017-2018

    Rejection email: Thank you again for applying to the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program at DeSales University. As you are aware, matriculation into a physician assistant program is very competitive. Our Admissions Committee conducts a holistic review of each applicant’s file, taking into consideration not only the basic prerequisites such as minimum GPA and standardized test scores, but also the student’s demonstrated desire to be in the profession, healthcare experience, and the strength of the letters of recommendation written on his or her behalf. After careful deliberation and consideration, we regret to inform you that the Admissions Committee has decided not to offer you an interview for admission into the Physician Assistant Program. We understand that you may have questions regarding this decision. However, because we receive such a high volume of applications, we are unable to provide specific feedback to applicants who were not invited in for an interview. In light of this, we encourage you to keep the following in mind: We received approximately 3,000 applications for only 35 available graduate seats for the 2017-18 admission cycle. We operate on rolling admissions and begin interviewing and accepting students as early as July prior to the year of matriculation. Typically, accepted candidates far exceed the minimum admission requirements, however there is no 'ideal' candidate as we strive for diversity within our student body and appreciate the unique qualities of each applicant. We thank you again for your interest in the DeSales PA Program and wish you much success as you continue working towards your educational and professional goals.
  8. @Kelsey15 We started with a powerpoint slideshow about the program. We were separated in groups of 4-5 applicants and the activities of the day include: 1 on 1 interview with a faculty member, tour of the school, Q&A with current students, answering a multiple choice questionnaire about ethical questions and a group activity. They served snacks. Good luck!! There is amazing café on the way there called Cafe la Reine. I stayed at the Radisson hotel and walked there. It wasn't bad at all.
  9. @makhachnabiev I submitted my CASPA 6/21. No interview. Its a generic rejection.
  10. I have an upcoming interview on the 9th! Has anyone completed the interview? If so, can you share the experience please? Good luck to everyone!!
  11. Received a rejection email this morning. Congratulations to those accepted!
  12. Accepted from the waitlist on 12/28! Interviewed 11/20!
  13. Lilyofthevalley16

    2017-2018 Cycle

    I received an email a few weeks ago with this information. Hope it helps: Greetings from Salus University! We are contacting you with information regarding the “Standby List” for our PA program. We know the wait is difficult so we hope that this email answers some lingering questions: Including you, we interviewed over 250 very strong candidates for 50 seats. As of today, there are 30 students who have been placed on ‘Standby’. We are very careful to place on the list, only those students that the Committee found to be “acceptable,” meaning your interview was successful and you have competitive credentials; we just don't have an opening right now. We continue to monitor our deposited student count on a daily basis. If at any time between now and the start of orientation we drop below our goal of 50 deposits, we will select students from the ‘standby’ list. This process will continue until the start of Orientation in August. We are anticipating concluding interviews in January so the number of standby students could increase or even decrease on a weekly basis. The PA Admissions Committee meets once per week. You may not hear from us right away but keep in mind that your file is active until either we select you or, you decide to withdraw from consideration. There is no official ranking-all files are reviewed carefully by the Committee each time there is a seat open so rest assured, it is a fair and very thorough process. Over the last 3 years, Salus has on average, selected 20 students per year from the standby list. Last year, a total of 17 students were selected from standby for full admission. Please continue to update us with patient care experience, grades, letters of recommendation and shadowing experiences. Most deposited students withdraw between February 1st and April 1st when the 2nddeposit is due so this is the time we see the most students selected from standby. We are confident there will be more students selected, we just don’t know how many and when. If you would like to be removed from further consideration, please contact us via email at this address. Any additional questions should be directed to us at the admissions office. Our email address is: admissions@salus.edu Best of luck the rest of the way! Salus University Admissions
  14. Lilyofthevalley16

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    @pa17 I applied in September and I havent heard anything back either. ?

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