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  1. Current student at Davis and also have a friend who is at Western. Biggest difference I have found is the systems based learning. Davis goes by body system whereas Western is kind of all over the place. I really like the systems based learning style, but it just comes down to personal preference.
  2. Class 4 days per week. Medicine in the morning, usually followed by clinical skills (twice per week) or pharm (twice per week). Usually start at 8, out by 3 or 5. All narrow in on the specific system we are learning (cardio, renal, GI, etc), so there is lots of overlap and it all fits together very nicely. One leadership/health informatics type peppered in each quarter but they don't require much work at all and are pretty interesting. The one last quarter had a "limited participation option" (only had to show up for quizzes) if all you wanted was a B and the current one only involves class once every 3 weeks with some online discussion posts. Not bad at all. Hope that helps!
  3. Most recent PANCE scores were just recently made official, 97%! Hope that relieves some anxiety
  4. Current first year weighing here. First off, sorry about the multiple rejection email's. That isn't very professional. Hopefully I can put some of you at ease though. Like many of you, I was also worried about the most recent PANCE scores. After talking to some of the students, it really looks like that was the result of difficult transition process from the med school to the nursing school. Fortunately, I really think this has prompted the school to listen to the students concerns. Many things have been changed, even from last year, and I feel really happy with my decision. Most teachers know all 95 of us by name, guest lecture's have been great, student run clinics are a incredibly helpful, classes are structured very well, and rumor even has it the most recent PANCE scores were in the 90's (although official stats won't be released until spring so take that with a grain of salt). Our anatomy professor has even been sitting in on all our medicine classes so she can improve/tailor her (already great) class for you guys. As far as advice for the supplemental, take it seriously. I remember thinking it was just a formality, but it definitely stills plays an important role in the admission decision so make sure to put some thought into it. Good luck!!
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