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  1. Im going off what we were told. I hope its NOT true bc I also have yet to hear back
  2. Does anyone know if they have finished calling all of their applicants? Also, they told us 11/18 was definitely the last interview date. They said they don't send out denial letters to interviewed applicants. They only call accepted people, and that those not called but were invited for interviews are on an automatic wait list, until the application officially closes. Also for those saying their app was forwarded to the adcom on like the 15th, we had a girl that was literally called the Saturday, literally the 16th, before the interview. So that explains that....... Idk about the fate of those who were not invited though. They told us the week fo the 18th, that they would make their final calls that week. But obviously they haven't been able to make all their calls / decisions, yet? Who knows. Hopefully for those still waiting for itnerviews, they're gonna send out another final FINAL interview date?
  3. Does anyone know if they have made all of their calls yet? Last monday, they told us the rest of the seats would be filled after our interview (11/18) bc that was the last interview date, and last calls would be made 11/20 through 11/22. It looks like some were made on 11/20... idk about thurs or friday of that week.
  4. I interviewed on 11/18 and i have not heard back. I was in the 1st (of the 3) groups to interview. But it looks like calls went out wednesday... Does not seem like calls went out yesterday or today? If anyone wants to shed light on this please do
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