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  1. Everyone is right about that. I brought my resumes as well (you'll only need 3 copies). BUT I was never asked for them. So it just depends on your interveiwers.
  2. I asked the administrative lady and Ms. Baesa. They basically told me they don’t have a set number of dates. They basically interview “as they come in.” Which you can probably already tell by how people post in a way:) Some people interviewed on fridays, wednesdays, Monday’s, Tuesday’s, etc. They did say they are interviewing roughly 300 people this cycle, for 80 seats.
  3. Sooo true. A PA student helping the 2016-2017 UTSW boards last year said this and it kind of made me feel better... Read his reply- and his other replies here from last year on PAGE 4
  4. "Likely they've probably gotten back to everyone accepted and will at least by Friday." You mean by friday at the latest for acceptance calls?
  5. You all are not alone. I interviewed 11-3 and 11-4. I did not hear back yesterday 11-7 as well. Keep y'alls heads up!
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