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  1. Hey I was kind of looking through a few different posts and everyone talks about the benefits of a residency program, but I couldn't find many that talked about what to expect in a residency program interview. I am asking because I am wanting to do Critical Care Residency Program and I have applied to about 5 different ones and I have yet to hear back from any of them if I got an interview yet. However, I would like to get a head start possibly on preparing for an interview. My question is for anyone that has gone through residency or anyone that may help with interviews for them and I know it will be different from program to program, but just wanted to get some basic feedback from a few different people based on the experiences that they had. Is the interview more like PA school interviews or is it more like they give you a patient scenario and you have to give like what you think the diagnosis is or how you would treat it etc. Or is it more like when I have been interviewed for jobs where it is like "tell me about a time that you had to confront a coworker about a difficulty that you were having with them". If anyone else has had those type of questions. I should also mention that I am still in PA school so I have not had to interview for any positions besides a Critical Care Tech prior to PA school. Would be awesome if anyone had any information on the style or what to expect on interview day. Thank you guys so much and I apologize if someone has already posted about this in the past and I just did not see it.
  2. One questions that I am curious about is after the residency have they talked to you about possibly getting hired on or is that not considered really at all?
  3. I will be starting PA school next month and I know I have a whole 2 years along with many tests and hard times to come I am sure, but I am wondering what I can do throughout my schooling to make myself look the most appealing to committees when I apply for a residency position out of PA school. I know there are many people out there that post about their residency, but; I haven't seen very much information about the process before the residency and what they did to make themselves more appealing to these residency programs. Just wondering if there is anything specific I should work on during school, or if I should just focus on good grades/passing, as well as making sure I have good rotations and hopefully some good letters of recommendation after leaving school. Let me know if anyone has anything to add.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have worked in an Adult ICU now for about 2 years so I don't have any experience with small infants, but I at least understand the idea and knowledge to a point of an ICU acuity (even though I am sure there are numerous differences). I am starting PA school next month and we get to select teo specialties to do rotations in; therefore, I wanted to do Critical Care for sure but have been contemplating Neonatology as well. I just didn't know if they would even have PA's in that specialty in each state so glad to know the field for PA's is growing rapidly it sounds like.
  5. Hey everyone, was just curious if anyone had any information about being a PA in Neonatology. I was looking through the list of residencies on appap and saw a few residencies in Neonatology. However, I tried to look up a few things about that specialty and was having a hard time finding all the answers I wanted. For example are PA's in Neonatology common or is this a small group that will be hard to find a job in? Also was trying to look into the salary to see how much someone makes on average. However, most importantly I wanted to look into to see if the PA's in this field enjoy it and what are the pros and cons of that particular specialty. Please feel free to comment even if you aren't a Neonatology PA yourself, but maybe you have some information on the topic. Thanks!
  6. I think this is awesome! I have worked as a Critical Care Tech in an Intensive Care Unit now for a little over 2 years and I start PA school in a month. I have always wanted to do a residency program and of course I haven't started school yet; so, I know a lot can happen but I want to do Critical Care because I have just fallen in love with the specialty. I was wondering if you had any advice for me as I get ready for PA school anything that I can do to make myself a better candidate to be selected into a Critical Care Residency program. Hope the experience goes well for you and I can't wait to hear more about it!
  7. Okay sounds good thanks for all the advice. I will definitely look at what classes interest me and hopefully look into something that maybe I don't think I will love. My PA school is up in Wisconsin so hopefully there should be opportunities in different type of settings. I am unsure about neurology I shadow a Pediatric Neurology PA and I just didn't really enjoy Neurology. Since I talked about liking heart and lung physiology and anatomy I have been wanting to look into possibly something like Electrophysiology. However, as everyone kind of stated I plan on just keeping my options open and not have my eyes pinpointed on one specialty only.
  8. Hello, my name is Chandler, I will be starting PA school this Spring and I am anxiously awaiting. However, for the program I am enrolled in when clinical time comes (which I know is a while away) we get to pick two specialties that we want do clinical's in, one that I want to do is Critical Care and I just wanted peoples opinions on the specialty. I have worked in a 20 bed ICU now for about 2.5 years and I love the fast pace, the procedures, and the reward from having these critically ill patients and taking them from about worst conditions to hopefully saving their lives. However, in the current ICU where i work there is not PAs that work with the Intensivist on our unit so I wanted to get an idea from individuals that have had clinical in Critical Care and also PAs that are currently working in this field. Also if anyone has any other specialties that I should look into. I know I am still very early into my program and I have many more classes to get through before I should start to think about my clinicals; however, I just wanted to get a little idea to possibly look into a few specialties before I start my program. Thanks, Chandler
  9. Hey everyone I wanted to throw this topic out there real quick to get some advice/hear some thoughts from current and students alike about specialties that they like. A little background about myself: I will be starting PA school in May, worked in a hospital for 5 years 2.5 as a Critical Care Tech in an Intensive Care Unit. Therefore, I always love the fast pace and the procedures and having to quick thinking. One specialty that I have obviously looked into is Critical Care and hopefully when done with school one option that I would love to do is go on to do a residency in Critical Care. However, for my school I get to pick two specialists that I want to go do clinical's in so I have been wanting to get ideas of other specialties that I would enjoy. One area that I have always been interested in has been heart and lungs (loved that subject in physiology/anatomy) so I thought about CT surgery; however, after seeing the ones in my current hospital it seems like a specialty that just gets overworked looks exhausting. One other area I have recently been looking into is possibly Interventional Radiology I have taken a few patients over to the Cath lab and have been fascinated by everything; but not sure if there are many PAs in that specialty. Overall I know I have a full year before my clinicals but I just wanted to get a better idea of what specialties I might want to look into. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! Chandler
  10. Hey guys just wanted to make sure that there isn't anything else I should be doing except for the CastleBranch items. Wanted to make sure I haven't missed any notifications of sort. I have been checking my Concordia email as well as my personal email and haven't seen anything. So just wanted to make sure there was nothing else and to make sure we still haven't started the Facebook group or anything like that. I have done my FAFSA for 17/18 and 18/19, done the apartment hunting; so let me know if there is anything else anyone has been doing to prepare for the journey to begin. Thanks!
  11. I understand looking for safe areas to live. However, one question I had is the traffic awful driving from like north Milwaukee to the university? I only ask because my girlfriend is a RN and got offered a job at St. Luke’s so she doesn’t wanna be too far from work; so if we lived more north of campus it would be quite the drive for her. So we are just trying to figure out if she should look for jobs else where like possibly St. Marys. Thanks!
  12. Okay, perfect thanks for clarifying that for me! :)
  13. I know this is probably a dumb questions because in my head for the semester we start it would be considered Summer 2018, so on the FAFSA I should select the school year for which I am applying to to be 2018-2019 correct?
  14. Okay, so what if I haven't taken any loans for the 2017/18 school year should is it too late to do that? However, my girlfriend and I have been looking around as well for housing options. We are looking more in the North part of Milwaukee, just because we looked closer to the school and we didn't find anything we loved really. Therefore, it is a bit more expensive for the city apartments and such, but the drive from all the apartments we have looked at have been less than 30min drive to campus. I feel like that is completely fine, but that may just be my opinion.
  15. Hey does anyone know the easiest way to start looking into how much financial aid we can receive and all that nonsense. Is it best to probably just contact the school and ask or do you just do it on FAFSA?
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