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  1. Does anyone have any insight on rotations? I know they are rural, but does anyone know how many of the rotations are more than an hour from your residence/how often you have to stay in hotels? Thanks for any input!
  2. I was offered a seat a couple hours ago
  3. I was told we would hear in two weeks
  4. No interview for me yet. Submitted sometime in late July/early August
  5. Has anyone else received an early interview?
  6. Hey I saw no one had started a thread for this program, so I thought I would. Good luck everyone!
  7. I got into the Coudersport location a couple days ago. I'm having a really hard time finding somewhere to live within 30 minutes of the hospital. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. I was put on the hold list as well. I haven't heard back since a couple days after my interview. I think they said they'd let me know more in December or January.
  9. I'm a reapplicant as well. Last name begins with R. Has anyone else heard anything? I'm starting to get nervous.
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