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  1. Lol, that's what my dad said, to go with an "old school" program. Not that he knows health care, he's an engineer. But he does know the historical background of PAs
  2. Yes, emt-p. I passed with a 93%, which was highest in the class (but wont count on GPA), I take my nremt exams in a few weeks. Took this course concurrently with my senior year. My college cgpa was 3.58, sGPA about 3.3, I think. I just don't know how to find the programs that will weigh my experience in a more favorable manner to make up for my average gpa
  3. I just graduated with my Bachelors degree in kinesiology, and will be getting my paramedic license in a month. I have heard that many PA programs preferred status for paramedic HCE. Would anyone have any insight on this subject?
  4. Thanks for the info. It is just that I was told, by the graduate school director at my university that getting to the interview portion was primarily about GPA, which I consider to be a little low (orgo killed me with a C-). However, I was also told by him that my other tangibles were good. It just scares me I guess. Originally, I wanted to be a PT, but after I took the EMT-B course, I was hooked. I did 300 hours of clinical for that, even though it only required 48. I just loved helping to make a difference for people when they were having sometimes their worst day ever.
  5. Hello, I am currently in the 3rd semester of my paramedic course, and a senior in college. I will be graduating in May 2018 with a BS is kinesiology, with an expected GPA of about 3.6, with a science GPA of about 3.35. I will also have completed my paramedic course, along with the national registration as well. By the time I apply in September, 2018, I will have just over 2000 as an EMT-B and EMT-P. I am a little concerned with the GPA's, as they are average, and it seems that all the schools average for acceptance are about 3.8 or higher. Do I have a chance of getting in?
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