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  1. sounds like you are on the admissions board for CMU. First of all, what makes you think im the applicant. If my kid knew i was trolling on the PA forum she would disown me. secondly I am small business owner and veteran and know exactly what a corpsman is, so please dont insult my intelligence. Point is, they have many of the same education and skill sets, minus dealing with massive war trauma under fire. They just deal with vehicle accident trauma, like the 5 fatalities on M20 2 months ago. Or how about treating massive head trauma from the young man who commited suicide by jumping in front of a car on isabella, only to have him later die on the helicopter. Or the human side, like transporting a beautiful elder woman with a massive rectal bleed. Calmly talking to her about her marriage of 65 years while pumping 3 liters of blood into her. Then doing the best she can to delicately prepare her husband and children for what SHE knows will be the end result. Or dealing with the lonely 82 yr old woman who was calling 911 5 times a week because she was confused about her medications. Dealing with it by going to her house in the ambulance whenever she had spare time, checking in with her and having a cup of coffee. Finding out it was really about simple human contact. (Significantly reducing the strain on the already strained EMS system.) A truley compasionate act that your 26 yr old 1yr experience family practice PA viewed as an inmature, unethical, and therefore disqualifying for your program. And then procedes to lecture her about it in a personal interview. Something that even Clint said made "no sense" given the complete opposite was clearly stated in Dr letters, the group interview, or with his own personal experience. And if you have access to applications, then you would have access to the ER doctors that work with her daily. One of which who specifically talks about her willinness to learn and improve. And if you are so concerned about arrogance and ego, then why not contact the ER doctors directly? Or conducting the personal interview yourself instead of abdicating such a critical responsibility to young PA's with very little experience or perspective. Or in this cycle, literaly 0 experience. Somebody who would understand the dedication, passion, and perseverance required to complete 16 months of paramedic training concurrently with her senior year at CMU. Or truly understand what patient advocacy and serving the community really means. For that matter, how about just being prepared, instead of flipping through pages for 1 minute, looking for the next question to ask. As far as talking to Dr. Massey, I would love the audience. Maybe a little outside perspective would be healthy for a program that is according to the 2019 U.S News and World report, peer rated 144/170. Tied for last in Michigan. Because there is just too much to discuss here.
  2. my point exactly. question is " why not? it is a simple procedure. the whole profession was originated around medics. specifically vietnam era medics with the extensive untapped health knowledge they bring. now you are telling me that the vast experience that paramedics obtain are somehow disqualifying. From what i have seen so far, i'm pretty sure that PA's who have no experience in EM other than a 6 week rotation should educate themselves.
  3. That is the most ignorant and prejudicial response i have seen yet. But i'm sure a CNA can right a much more comprehensive report. After all, they have never had to go to court for a police shooting, a murder or a vehicle accident. All of which paramedics have to do all the time. But, if that is the prevailing sentiment of PA's, then it explains a lot.
  4. TRUE STORY so at the er, the doctor asks the PA to perform an intabation, the ER PA says he is not comfortable with that procedure. So the doctor asks the paramedic that is present to do it who completes it with no problem. saying how much easier it is to do in a trauma room with a scope as opposed to bouncing down a dirt road in the back of the ambulance
  5. well, when a 22 yr old 3.8 GPA (who doesnt even have a B.S) 1000 hour CNA gets accepted before a 22 yr old 3.6 GPA ( same university, same discipline), 5000 hour paremedic does, i would call that a problem. when 6 Emt-b (3.7-3.9 GPA-- 1000-1500 hrs) from the same company and 5 are literaly trained by the paramedic, i would call that a problem. when the 6th emt-b is 30 yrs old with the 6000 hrs and a 3.0 GPA gets in and the paramedic doesnt, I call that a problem. when the NEW director changes the parameters and is also doing research on those parameters, i call that a problem. when the entire class of 2018 has the highest health care experience of emt-b, I call that a problem. when the first of the 2019 class are all CNA and EMT-b, I call that a problem You talk about about HONEST data. If it were honest, then the director would be collecting empirical data from programs in which he has 0 influence. Anything short of that is IS dishonest. Any more questions about ethics???
  6. ohiovol the answer to your first 2 questions is yes and yes. i do know about the rating system because i reviewed an application and the points with the director of health sciences. Pretty sure you will never see this in the public realm. As for your last sentence, thank you for saying it. I would say why not!!! The entire PA profession was predecatrd on real life experience. How has that evolved into GPA.
  7. febritruge. 1. this is in the general discussion section because it is a general discussion. didnt see a catagory for conflict of interest 2. look at the date of the abstract. the administrator involved was hired just shortly before this research. The director involved was implemental in setting the criteria for new applicants. essentially weighting it very heavily on GPA 3. if you read the abstract of the research, it is essentially about the correlation between B.S. GPA, final graduate GPA and Pance results. 4. it is the new directors perogative to set the new applicant criteria. However, is it ethical to heavily weigh the new applicant criteria to match the desired research results or is it just bad research. 5. Is it a conflict of interest with the university to intentionally ignore high level experience in order to achieve a personal gain?
  8. reply to yougolong. not sure what you are getting at but here is the abstract. the principle of this paper is also setting the selection parameters for acceptance into the very program he runs. For example, his point system says that an emt basic is equivalent to a full blown licensed paramedic. also that 5000 hours as a CNA is equivalent to 5000 hrs as a liscensed paramedic. How is that proper research? How is that ethical? Furthermore, if he is setting that sort of standard, then what is the conflict of interest he proports to have with the University he represents? PA-CAT-Research-Protocol-v1.2_11_15_18.pdf
  9. Just a general question I have about ethics and conflict of interest. please post opinions on this. 1. How can a PA director do research in order to develop a "PA-CAT" test by using as his main data set the accepted students where he is personally involved in the selection process of said students. 2. If he has recused himself from the acceptance process for prespective students into his program, is this not a serious conflict of interest with the university in which he is under contract with?
  10. Lol, that's what my dad said, to go with an "old school" program. Not that he knows health care, he's an engineer. But he does know the historical background of PAs
  11. Yes, emt-p. I passed with a 93%, which was highest in the class (but wont count on GPA), I take my nremt exams in a few weeks. Took this course concurrently with my senior year. My college cgpa was 3.58, sGPA about 3.3, I think. I just don't know how to find the programs that will weigh my experience in a more favorable manner to make up for my average gpa
  12. I just graduated with my Bachelors degree in kinesiology, and will be getting my paramedic license in a month. I have heard that many PA programs preferred status for paramedic HCE. Would anyone have any insight on this subject?
  13. Thanks for the info. It is just that I was told, by the graduate school director at my university that getting to the interview portion was primarily about GPA, which I consider to be a little low (orgo killed me with a C-). However, I was also told by him that my other tangibles were good. It just scares me I guess. Originally, I wanted to be a PT, but after I took the EMT-B course, I was hooked. I did 300 hours of clinical for that, even though it only required 48. I just loved helping to make a difference for people when they were having sometimes their worst day ever.
  14. Hello, I am currently in the 3rd semester of my paramedic course, and a senior in college. I will be graduating in May 2018 with a BS is kinesiology, with an expected GPA of about 3.6, with a science GPA of about 3.35. I will also have completed my paramedic course, along with the national registration as well. By the time I apply in September, 2018, I will have just over 2000 as an EMT-B and EMT-P. I am a little concerned with the GPA's, as they are average, and it seems that all the schools average for acceptance are about 3.8 or higher. Do I have a chance of getting in?
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