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  1. Hi!! I just came across a residency program I wasn't previously aware of, and will be quickly applying before the deadline of October 31st! It requires 3 letters of recommendation. My program director and another PA faculty member will be providing me with letters of rec but I don't really have anyone else to write me one (especially on such short notice), other than other PA faculty members. There's 2 faculty members I know of who I know will agree to write me a letter, but then that would mean all 3 of my letters of rec are from my PA program faculty members. Will that negatively affect my application since I won't have a letter of rec from a preceptor or MD I worked with on rotations? I feel like it looks bad, but I'm not sure. Please provide some insight, I'm really stressing about this!
  2. Hi! If the classes start in January then I'm assuming they're interviewing in March for the class that would matriculate in January of 2019.
  3. Of course! Feel free to send me a DM with your personal statement!
  4. I have no doubt that you will be successful in your goal of becoming a physician assistant. You have made it this far and that little boy of yours is going to be what motivates you through it all. If you need any help at all with your personal statement or have any other questions you think I could help you with, please don't hesitate to ask! I wish you the best of luck!
  5. You have a TON of very valuable experience. I don’t think your GPA should be too big of an issue and I definitely think you can use it as a great opportunity to show how your work ethic and determination has pushed you these past several years to rise above and get to where you are today. Going from a 1.7 overall GPA to a 3.3. overall GPA obviously takes a lot of hard work but you accomplished it. Are you by any chance a mom? I’m assuming this based on your username. If you are, then hopefully these words of advice from me will be helpful. Being a mom at this age and trying to pursue PA school is a long and difficult road. You have gotten this far and I truly think you have a great chance of being accepted into PA school this upcoming application cycle. I had my daughter when I was in high school (15 years old and scary young lol), but she motivated me so much and now, at 21 years old, I’ve been accepted into two really great PA programs here in Texas. It is possible and with support from your family and friends it can definitely be done. It’s normal to have doubts, get discouraged, and wonder at times if it is all worth it. Try to remind yourself why you chose to pursue this goal in the first place and continue to work hard towards it. Once you get accepted and attend a program it will only get (incredibly) harder, but keep using your little one/ones for motivation to keep pushing forward. (BTW if you are not a mom then please disregard this entire paragraph lol I'm just assuming from your username) My science gpa was a 3.6 and my overall gpa was a 3.4 so honestly not much different than yours (and I too did very poorly my freshman year in undergrad). Your HCE, shadowing hours, and volunteering hours are fantastic. Having a LOR from an orthopedic chief of surgery is really great, but like UGoLong mentioned above, make sure he knows you well enough to write a great LOR for you. It seems that all you have left to do to get that acceptance is write a kick-ass personal statement and do well on the GRE. You are definitely competitive with other applicants, and the long path to getting accepted is almost over! Keep on keepin' on and you will get there soon.
  6. I’m happy to help as well! I have a lot of free time at work. Private message me and I’ll provide some feedback! [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. As long as you complete (and do well in) the appropriate prerequisite classes for whichever PA programs you are interested in applying to, what you got your bachelor's degree in should not matter. I have heard of many PAs who got their bachelor's degree in something non-science related. One girl who I interviewed with got her bachelor's degree in business administration (or something similar to that) and had been accepted to 4 programs. If the only thing really holding you back from pursing PA school is that you got your bachelor's in marketing, rest assured that it is not a big issue!
  8. I received an interview invitation this morning for 3/16 as well, but will be declining it because I have accepted an admissions offer elsewhere. Hope this opens up a spot for someone else to interview! Good luck to all those waiting to hear back!
  9. I’ll go ahead and make the unofficial Facebook page because I’m so anxious and excited! Lol. Private message me on here and I’ll add you on fb and into the group! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. That spreadsheet will be so helpful!! Thank you for reaching out and giving us all an update. Anyone in our class wanna get started on that unofficial fb group? :)
  11. Has anyone started looking at housing yet? I know that current student's mentioned during interviews that living somewhere with a shuttle to the Texas Med Center is incredibly recommended. There are several nice places I've found with a shuttle service but there are also super nice places in The Museum District and Herman Park that I really like as well. Anyone who is familiar with Houston, do you know if there is a shuttle service from The Museum District and Herman Park to the med center? I know they're both really close to the med center but wasn't sure if there was a shuttle to it and can't find anything online.
  12. I agree with what @Ket131 said, I don't think your friends really know what they're talking about haha. I just got accepted into PA school and my overall gpa was a 3.5 and science gpa was a 3.6. I also lacked a lot of hands on patient care hours (570 total), shadowing hours (30 total), and volunteer hours (I think I only applied with like 100) compared to most applicants who apply. A ton of schools view your application holistically, and would rather accept an applicant who has average stats and is a pleasant person (who will make a great PA) over an applicant who is perfect on paper but awkward/not friendly/ect. in person. Personally, I wouldn't worry about the second major, and would just graduate in the spring as planned. Make sure to write an awesome personal statement essay and get some good letters of recommendation, and you have a great chance of getting accepted in my opinion. Also, working in research is good experience but I would 100% recommend trying to get a job where you will gain a lot of hands-on patient care experience. If you need to take a gap year to gain patient care experience, shadowing, and volunteer hours, that added experience would improve your application a lot. Best of luck to you!
  13. Both me and another student from our class were having issues accessing it. I emailed financial aid about it and they emailed me a pdf of the application! If you DM your email address I can forward it to you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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