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  1. Hello mantonio85, I completely understand how stressful the wait can be. Just keep your head up and keep on eye out for an email. I am a second year applicant to this program. Last year I did not hear back until March with a rejection letter. No matter the outcome, do not give up! Stay patient and optimistic.
  2. This happened to me last year but for a different program! Do not lose hope! If you really want it you WILL get in!!
  3. I will be giving up my seat to attend a program closer to home. I hope this helps someone out! Happy holidays!
  4. I received my rejection letter on November 19th. I’m so glad that I have been accepted to two other programs already!!! Good luck to the rest of you!!!! Happy Holidays!
  5. Accepted from the 9/21 interview!!! I am SO excited to meet everyone and begin this amazing journey with all of you! Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted!!
  6. Has anyone heard back from the 9/21 interview date? Thank you all!
  7. Yeah. I interviewed 10/16 and also have not heard back. I am anxiously waiting :(
  8. Well I was actually placed on the alternate list which I’m not sure if that’s the same thing.
  9. I was just placed on the waitlist. Now all I can do is hope! Good luck to everyone else!
  10. I hope we hear back very soon!!! I’ve been checking my phone every 5 minutes since yesterday! The nerves are killing me :(
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