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  1. Haha same i appreciate the communication but its funny receiving the same email every month.
  2. Just curious if anyone has heard back after being placed on waitlist?
  3. Just got the list of stuff I need to buy and was curious if anyone had suggestions for finding cheaper equipment? I have heard its unnecessary to buy everything new.
  4. I recently got an email from Lori that a spot opened at main and i could switch from Clearfield so i would just be on the lookout for emails.
  5. I dont believe i ever got an application confirmation
  6. I got the email from Lori that Clearfield and Coudersport were my only options. I would email her to clarify.
  7. Was accepted in 10/16 but giving up my spot. Best of luck to everyone on their journey!
  8. yeah i just got a notification update email and checked and it doesn't specifiy a campus or anything.
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